Russia swept all ISU gold medals at the 2019 Budapest Cup


With a total score of 239.84 points, Team Paradise (RUS) broke its season’s best score. / Credits: Kirsi Laine Photography

This past week, the 2019 Budapest Cup took place in the Hungarian capital. The Russian teams showed once again their skills and won gold in all divisions. This important event was one of the last competitions of the season before the World Championships.

In the Advanced Novice division, Team Ice Fantasy (RUS) won the gold with 58.48 points. This very elegant team skate a very clean free program. Team Skating Graces from Germany followed in second place, even with a fall during the Pivot Block at the beginning of the program (49.45). Team Kometa (CZE) earned the bronze medal with 45.47 points. The scores were very tight in this division, there was only six points difference between second and fifth place. 

Team Idel topped the Junior field. The team from Kazan, Russia, presented a very clean short program, earning +4 GOEs in the Moves Element. Fourth at the last Nationals in Russia, Team Idel reached in Budapest the Level 4 in the Travelling Wheel in the free program. The team got a total of 174.71 points. Another Russian team snagged the silver medal. Team Meteorite finished with a total of 128.57. Second after the short program, Team Seaside from Sweden ended with the bronze medal, earning 127.90 points. Less than 0.7 points and they could have reached the second place. In total, eight teams from Czech Republic, Italy, Poland and Hungary competed in this division.

In the Senior field, Team Paradise (RUS) won both the short program and free skate to earn their fourth consecutive victory in Budapest. The champions of Russia got Level 4 in seven elements during the weekend. The athletes from Saint Petersburg were even rewarded with +5 GEOs during the free program. The podium was pretty clear and did not change all weekend. Team Berlin claimed the silver medal with 184.78 points and Team Unity (SWE) finished in third and earned 156.31 points for both programs.

Fifth after the short program, Team Passion (HUN) finished in fourth thanks to their free program. Fifth place went to Team Olympia (CZE) and Skating Graces (GER) claimed sixth place. That was great also to see some teams from Croatia, The Netherlands, Belgium and also Latvia skating at this event.

During the weekend, Non-ISU categories also competed. Team Limelight dominated the Mixed Age division (51.22), followed by Team Butterfl’ice from Germany (47.26) and the Italian Crazy Splinters (45.12). In the other divisions, Team Junost (RUS) is the Juvenile champion (40.42), Team Gold Yamal is the Pre-Juvenile winner (28.27), Team Angels did the best score in the Basic Novice category (30.60), and Team Best Before from Finland won the Adult competition (66.52).

Results - TOP 3

Budapest Cup 2019
Budapest (HUN)
FEB 28, 2019 - MAR 03, 2019

TEAM Score
1Idel (RUS)174.71
2Team Meteorite (RUS)128.57
3Team Seaside (SWE)127.90

TEAM Score
1Team Paradise (RUS)239.21
2Team Berlin 1 (GER)184.78
3Team Unity (SWE)156.31

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Team Limelight (SWE)51.22
2Team Butterfl Ice (GER)47.26
3Crazy Splinters (ITA)45.12

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Team Ice Fantasy (RUS)58.48
2Skating Graces (GER)49.45
3Kometa (CZE)45.47