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Discover a few teams:

Les Salamandres | Mixed Age (FRA)

This is a team from Le Havre, in France. 2017-2018

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Black Rose | Junior (HUN)

This team represented Hungary at the ISU Junior World Challenge Cup in 2008 in Rouen.

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Les Éclypses | Beginner II (CAN)

Les Éclypses is a team from the city of Mirabel, Canada.

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Cutting Edge | Mixed Age (NZL)

Cutting Edge represent the Dunedin Ice Skating Club.

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Crazy Splinters | Novice B (ITA)

Crazy Splinters is a team from Roma, Italy.

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Team Phoenix | Senior (BEL)

Team Phoenix skate in Liedekerke, Belgium. Skaters are led by Min Mireille Mostaert.

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Ice X Perience | Adult III (CAN)

Coached by Danalee Harrison, Ice X Perience is an Adult 3 team representing the Lower Mainland synchronized skating club in Surrey, Canada.

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