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Discover a few teams:

Chesapeake | Novice A (USA)

Lauren Benesch Neidig is the program director and the head coach of the Chesapeake Synchronized Skating teams.

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Team Magic | Mixed Age (HUN)

Also known as the Team Magic, the team represents the city of Budapest.

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Rocking Robins | Mixed Age (GBR)

Team Rocking Robins is a Mixed Age team from Nottingham-NSSA, GB.

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Evolution | Open (CAN)

Team Evolution is an Open team from the skating club Charlesbourg, Québec. Evolution is a big synchro family in Québec city.

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Crazy Lemons | Novice (AUT)

Crazy Lemons is a novice synchronized skating team from Traun, a city in Austria.

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Ice Intrepid | Open (CAN)

Ice Intrepid is a team from Manitoba, a province located at the longitudinal centre of Canada. Ice Intrepid is based out of the University of Manitoba, in the province's capital city of Winnipeg. Most skaters on the team are students who train and compete while earning their university degrees. Skaters are from all across Manitoba and other parts of Canada, and start skating with Ice Intrepid when they move to the city for university. The team has existed since 1999.

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California Gold | Senior (USA)

California Gold teams train in Southern California, USA.

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Ice Precise | Adult III (CAN)

Passion. Teamwork. Quality Skating. Friendship. Enjoyment. Mississauga Ice Precise is a Synchronized Skating organization in Canada dedicated to providing synchronized skating opportunities to Adult skaters (anyone over the age of 18 years old). The Ice Precise Synchronized Skating Teams represent the Mississauga Figure Skating Club. Known throughout the synchronized skating community, our team's mandate is to provide an environment where adult skaters (18+), interested in competitive synchronized skating, can find a team that is comfortable for them. Mississauga Ice Precise is currently comprised of three adult teams competing in the Adult I, Adult II and Adult III categories.

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Team Elan | Senior (USA)

Team Elan has participated in several national and international competitions. The team is currently called Evolution.

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