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Discover a few teams:

Team del Sol | Intermediate (USA)

Team del Sol competes at the Intermediate level. Skaters range in age from 13 to 17 years old. The team is based in Southern California. They have held the Pacific Coast Sectional Champions title for the past two seasons. They also have won the pewter medal at the last two National Championships.

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Team Unity | Junior (SWE)

A team from Gotebörg in Sweden.

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Shining Blades | Junior (ITA)

Team Shining Blades is an Italian team founded in 1996. These skaters are coached by Nadia Conio, Federica Capra and Silvia Brichese.

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Ice Diamonds | Junior (FIN)

Ice Diamonds : a synchronized skating team from Jyväskylä, Finland.

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Icetastic | Preliminary (GBR)

Team Icetastic is a preliminary team from Nottingham-NSSA, GB.

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Team Ice Pearl | Senior (CHN)

Team Ice Pearl is the first ISU Senior team created in China. The team started in 2018. The athletes are coached by Xi Hongyan.

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