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    Élodie ACHERON

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    "I’m French-Canadian (since 2015). I started skating when I was 5 years old and in 2010, I move to Montréal to skate with Les Suprêmes Senior. In 2015, I had to stop skating because of an injury. So now I’m coaching part-time and I would like to share my passion to the future generations. I’m also a synchro technical specialist In Québec. Besides, I’m working for Ubisoft, an international company that produces video games like Raving Rabbids. I like doing a lot of things, above all projects that motivate and passionate me. "

    What does synchronized skating mean to you?

    "Synchronized skating is like a big family, a unique sport that isn’t for the moment fully recognized."

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Theresa Marka wears several hats, such as coach and synchro developer

Theresa replied to our questions in Salzburg, Austria, a few minutes after getting off the ice with the team she coaches. Luckily, they are able to skate at the moment!

img Faces of Synchro

"We stay motivated because we know we will be back on the ice one day"

This Sunday, let's meet Harriet Rushmer, a skater from Team Aura. She is answering Jura Synchro's questions from London, UK.

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Norris Choi, coach of the only Adult team in Hong Kong

While the pandemic is still around, the coach Norris Choi is back on the ice with his Adult team in Hong Kong. His goal is also to develop synchronized skating in this Asian country.

img Faces of Synchro

Ana Cecilia Cantu: "We started our synchro team by ourselves"

Coaching figure skating in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Ana Cecilia Cantu Felix built the first Mexican synchronized skating team.