Team Junost crowned Junior World Champion for the 3rd time in a row


Team Junost | Credits: Ville Vairinen

The tension was palpable this Saturday at the Littoral ice rink in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, where the Junior ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships were held. A few points separated the teams after the short programs, so everything still had to be written. The Junior skaters knew it, it was necessary to present a faultless program in order to be able to preserve its rank obtained the day before.

The first group of the competition entered the Netherlands (88.82 pts), Hungary (87.28 pts), Turkey (75.85 pts) and Spain (86.21 pts). All four teams presented beautiful programs. Although some small falls may have appeared, the teams have mostly enjoyed being on the ice, and it was clear! Note also the atmosphere put by the Spanish fans to encourage Team Mirum, a real fiesta!

The second group to enter on the ice was Croatia, which presented a program on the songs of Elvis Presley (91.90 pts). Great Britain skated to the music of the Greatest Showman (98.49 pts), Poland has presented a top program in acrobatics (88.01 pts) and finally Australia, who had for the occasion presented the Irish costumes: Celtic atmosphere guaranteed (99,18 pts)!

Team Jeanne d'Arc | Credits: Ville Vairinen

It was then the turn of Jeanne d'Arc from Rouen to enter on the ice and present their free program. In this program, half of the team was dressed in pants, which was very successful (131.72 pts). Team Darlings from the Czech Republic also presented a very clean program on the music The Greatest Showman (125.79 pts). The Swedish Team Seaside presented a very original program, well choreographed and also very well interpreted (129,21 pts). Team Berlin Juniors from Germany team took the audience to the Aladin fairy with a lot of grace (120.63 pts). And then the last of the group, the Hot Shivers gave everything they had while skating on the music of Romeo and Juliet. A gracious and very safe program that allowed them to go up two ranks in the final ranking (132.44 pts).

Les Suprêmes Junior | Credits: Ville Vairinen

After a short break, the ice rink filled with white and red for the arrival of the Cool Dreams, who skated at home. The Swiss fans were scattered on all sides to encourage the team from Bern who, despite a small fall, made a superb performance (134.46 pts). The Team Spirit of Sweden has also presented an excellent program, on the theme of the battle of the dragon. Despite a heavy fall in the artistic line, the team got (146.51 pts).

And then Team Fintastic went on the ice. The Finns had nothing to lose from their unfortunate falls yesterday which cost them several ranks, and they were able to present Saturday a beautiful program of great precision. Worn by their supporters, the girls could only rejoice at the end of their performance (185.71 pts). And then it was time for the two Canadian teams to come in on ice. Les Suprêmes, who had put themselves in the skin of witches hypnotized the audience through their interpretation (172.91 pts). The Nexxice were then able to present their free program on the theme of the circus. It turned out to be very innovative, especially the beginning where the girls form an impressive carousel (171.11 pts).

Team Crystal Ice | Credits: Ville Vairinen

And then came the last group, opened by the American team Starlights, skating on the music "I fix you". A superb slide and a breathtaking interpretation allowed them to forget to the public the two falls that occurred at the beginning of the program (172.64 pts). The Finnish Dream Edges then made their entry on ice. Their neat and precise program, of disconcerting creativity, conquered the public (192,72 pts). For the second team of the United States, the Skyliners, it was necessary to fight to maintain their 3rd rank obtained during the course program. The Americans managed to keep the pressure and present a clean program with a lot of speed (193.42 pts).

Crystal Ice, first after the short program, gave the best of themselves to keep this rank (199.99 pts). Despite a clean program and great maturity on the ice, this was unfortunately not enough, because Junost, defending champion, presented a perfect program on Tchaikovsky's music, allowing them to pass in front of their compatriots (200.74 pts).

Podium | Credits: Ville Vairinen

The World podium consists, this year again, of two Russian teams and one American. Finland and Canada finished at the foot of the podium. But we are looking forward to seeing what these teams will be doing next year for the World Junior Championships in Nottingham, UK.

Results - TOP 3

ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships 2019
Neuchâtel (SUI)
MAR 15, 2019 - MAR 16, 2019

TEAM Score
1Junost (RUS)200.74
2Crystal Ice (RUS)199.99
3Skyliners (USA)193.42