Gearing up for the upcoming synchro season


Sunrise 1 from Russia competing at Leon Lurje in 2019. (Credits: Mihail Lefler)

The end of summer is approaching, and with it, the new synchronized skating season. What will our synchro season look like? Several competitions have recently been added to the calendar.

The beginning of the synchro season is approaching. On its Instagram account, the Finnish team Marigold IceUnity recently reminded us that there are "only 60 days until the Finlandia Trophy 2021". 

In recent weeks, several international competitions have been giving details to participating teams and their staff. The communications are helpful as summer is coming to an end which means that they can more easily prepare for the coming winter. 

However, as we know, the pandemic which has been slowing down our sport is not yet over. In several countries, despite vaccinations, there is even talk of the arrival of a fourth wave.

Therefore it's not easy for teams to plan and have clear ideas about the coming season. Will they be able to travel? If so, what will be the sanitary conditions for the athletes, and what will the competitions look like? 

Team Seaflowers from Sweden in their very nice Spiderman outfits. (Credits: Ice Galaxy - 2019)

Synchronized skating is a very disciplined sport and will therefore face difficulties. Working as a team may have been seen as an obstacle during the crisis. However, there are now many advantages as the group work has created strong bonds between skaters and their coaches, which will help them as they move forward.

Whilst waiting to see our favourite teams compete live on the ice (yes, that will happen), note the following additions to the agenda:

- the Boston Classic (USA)

- the ISU international competition for adults in Oberstdorf in Germany

Skate London in the UK

- the Cup of Dresden (which will be held in late February 2022). 

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