A total of 61 teams competed on-site and virtually in Poland


Valley Bay Synchro and their short program "Virtual Reality". (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2020)

Two synchronized skating competitions were held just before Christmas in Poland: the first (5th edition of the Hevelius Cup) was able to take place on-site, the second (Christmas Event) virtually brought together teams from all over the world.

5th Hevelius Cup
"We managed to gather 17 Polish teams, representing 6 categories: Junior, Novice Advanced, Juvenile, Pre-Juvenile, Mixed Age and Adult. The competition was conducted in sanitary rigour related to the COVID-19 pandemic, without audience, with decontamination and face masks before and after the start," explained the Organizing Committee. 

ADV picture
Without any Senior ISU team, Juniors were the highest category entered in Gdansk. In this division, the Ice Fire Junior team won the competition with a total of 138.58 points. Team Le Soleil placed second with 103.10 points. Alone in the Advanced Novice category, the Ice Fire team obtained 48.71 points for their free program.

Four teams skated in the Mixed Age category. Ice Fire Mixed Age once again took gold with 55.29 points, Team Skadi finished in second place (34.05) and third place went to Ice Fire Mixed Age (32.27). Ice Crystals from Gdansk achieved a score of 30.55 points.

The Ice Fire also obtained gold in the Juvenile category (31.27), followed by Team Le Soleil (30.90).

In the Pre-Juvenile division, the victory went to Team Le Soleil with 24.42 points. Four teams were involved.

The Team Le Soleil was crowned with gold in the Adult category (27.01). Both Ice Fire teams completed the podium with respective scores of 25.70 and 21.18 points. Team Le Soleil 2 finished fourth with 17.91 points.

Christmas Event
As the organisation of an international face-to-face competition was not possible in Poland, the committee arranged for the first time a virtual event which brought together 44 teams from eight different categories.

The spectators were, therefore, able to virtually visit ice rinks around the world.

For this event, the ISU did not allow the official publication of scores which were for teams only.

However, in the Juniors division, for example, the public discovered some great virtual performances like the programs of the junior teams Sunrise-1 and Junost (RUS) who presented very clean programs. The Russian teams skated without masks.

In the juniors division also the Valley Bay Synchro (FIN), the Hockettes (USA), Team Image (USA), Saint Louis Synergy (USA) and Reflections (FIN) also passed the 55 point mark for their short program. Twelve teams were involved in this division.

Among the Seniors, four teams presented their short program. These are Team Fusion (ESP), Team Passion (HUN), California Gold (USA) and Olympia (CZE).

Nine teams skated in the Advanced Novices field. They represented Russia, Switzerland, Finland, the United States, Poland and Italy. Among Basic Novices, three teams participated in the virtual event from the Netherlands, Russia and Italy.

In the other categories, the competition brought together three Mixed Age teams, six Juvenile teams, three Pre-Juvenile teams and four Adult teams.

Results - TOP 3

5th Hevelius Cup
Gdansk (POL)
DEC 17, 2020 - DEC 20, 2020

TEAM Score
1Team Ice Fire (POL)138.58
2Le Soleil (POL)103.10

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Ice Fire (POL)48.71

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Ice Fire (POL)55.29
2Team Skadi (POL)34.05
3Team Ice Fire Young (POL)32.27