Team Fintastic storms to the Junior Worlds gold medal


With their "Anesthesia" program, Team Fintastic moved up two spots to get the gold medal. (Credit: Ville Vairinen Photography - 2020)

The second day of competition at the 2020 World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships in Nottingham (GBR) saw Team Fintastic from Finland skate an excellent free program and take gold in front of the two Russian teams, Junost and Crystal Ice.

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On the 14th of March, there was the second day of the World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships 2020 in Nottingham, Great Britain.

Unfortunately, the day started with bad news. One more team had to leave Nottingham. The Team Mirum (ESP) withdrew from the competitions and returned back to Spain.

Nevertheless, the spectators came to the stands to recharge with the positive emotions and support the teams. Everybody danced, had fun and was super excited. 

Well, what did this day prepare for us? 

Team Fintastic (FIN) won the gold, Junost (RUS) is the silver medallist and Crystal Ice Junior (RUS) earned the bronze. (Credits: Anna Negasheva - Jura Synchro - 2020)

Group 1
The day of free skating was opened by the team Amorice from Turkey. They performed to the music Incantation from Cirque du Solei, which perfectly went with the oriental character of Turkey. The team got 49.07 for free skating and 67.55 points in total. 

The team Starlight from Switzerland created a winter mood for the audience. Their Winter Symphony brought to the team 54.82 points for the free and 80.40 in total. 

The next team on the ice was Zagreb Snowflakes Junior from Croatia. The athletes told the story of the Rocketman. The creative dresses helped to convey the image and the idea of their dynamic free program. They earned 54.82 and 80.43 in total overtaken the Swiss contenders by just 0,3 points.

The team Illuminettes Junior from the Netherlands opened the magic doors to the Wonderland. The nice program on the music Alice Through the Looking Glass by D. Elfman gave to them 56.90 points in free and 85.79 in total. 

Group 2
The Team Magic Junior representing Hungary showed a real "Game of Thrones". They earned 68.15 for the free program and 97.21 for both skates this weekend. 

The team Icekateers Elite Junior from Australia, skating in beautiful black dresses, presented a nice and dynamic free program and got 92.21 in total. They finished 13th, just behind the Hungary team.

The German Team Berlin Junior emotionally skated their ‘scary’ program and even two offensive falls didn’t spoil the perception. The total score for the team Berlin was 87.83 points. 

The team Icicles from Great Britain had an energetic performance to the music Circus. They did interesting transitions and exciting movements, they even rolled over at the end of the program. The athletes got 105.67 in total, which is their season-best score! 

Group 3
The Team Harmonia Junior from the Czech Republic presented an amazing program with interesting composition and interpreted well the mix of musical hits. They got 70.19 points in free and 104.48 points in total. 

The Team Ice Fire Junior from Poland flew on the ice. The original dresses with the wings on the back and interesting details in the program combined with good execution of the elements helped them to get 81.00 in free and 122.39 points in total. 

The team Seaside Junior representing Sweden skated their lovely free program with great composition and good levels. They earned 135.61 points for both programs this weekend.

And then, Team Spirit Junior, also from Sweden presented their free program called "Haunted", which allowed them to earn 145.41 points. Team Spirit moved up one spot to finish 7th. The two Swedish teams have created a great competition battle during the whole season. We look forward to seeing what each will prepare next season!

The team Les Suprêmes Junior from Canada performed with great energy and good program composition their "Matrix" inspired program and got 173.33 in total. This score brought to them the 6th place. 

Group 4
There was a tight struggle in the fourth group and the results are completely unexpected!

The first team on the ice was Team Mystique Junior from Finland. Accurate as a clock, they skated the program strongly. Powerful hands, equal distance between skaters and clear movements – it’s all about Mystique. The team got extremely high technical scores; however, this wasn’t enough to take the lead. The Finnish team got 130.33 points and the 2nd place after the free program. They totaled 200.05 points finished in 4th place. 

The Canadian team Nexxice Junior emotionally skated their free program with good speed. Vivid performance on the song Royals gave them 187.40 points in total and brought them the 5th place. 

The team Junost from Russia, three times World Junior Champion, perfectly started their magic free program to the music Scheherazade by Nikolay Rimsky Korsakov. Skating really close to each other and beckoning by eyes and hand motion, the girls made the audience sigh with every movement. However, offensive mistakes at the end of the program played their role, especially in the pivot block where the skaters made errors in the lines. Junost, who was 1st after the short programs, earned 129.14 points and finished with a score of 205.23 to get the silver medal.

The second Russian team Crystal Ice Junior was ready to fight. They changed their free program just before the Worlds and were ready to impress judges and spectators. The athletes mentally take the audience to India by their striking, racy and bright performance. The team Crystal Ice Junior also didn’t avoid mistakes. Nasty falls prevent them from the leadership, they earned 124.16 points and got only the 4th place after the free programs. The final scores for Russians were 200.09 and the bronze medal. 

The Junior Worlds were closed by the Team Fintastic from Finland. Clear and precision performance, overflowing with energy and vivid emotions brought to them the unconditional leadership. They earned 132.15 points in free and 205.94 in total, becoming for the first time World Junior Champions! 
The ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships 2020 were filled with emotions, both happy and sad, in this particular context of Covid-19.

It should also be noted the rapid development of synchro and the incredible level of the junior athletes. The number of teams is growing every year, the geography of participants is expanding, the complexity of elements is increasing and, therefore, the interest of viewers is rising. 

Thank you Nottingham!

Results - TOP 3

ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships 2020
Nottingham (GBR)
MAR 13, 2020 - MAR 15, 2020

TEAM Score
1Team Fintastic (FIN)205.94
2Junost (RUS)205.23
3Crystal Ice (RUS)200.09