Many teams competed at the Colonial Classic 2020


Colonial Classic took place in Lowell, Massachusetts. (Credits: Colonial Classic - 2020)

Preliminary, Juvenile, Pre-Juvenile, Synchro Skills, Open-Juvenile, Open Collegiate, Adult, Masters, Novice, Intermediate or Junior... Synchro teams from the USA skated last weekend in Lowell, MA at the Colonial Classic 2020.

Three teams competed in the Junior event. After their silver medal at Dr. Porter Classic a few weeks ago, Team Image SST won this time the gold. Team Excel picked up the silver medal and Synchroettes arrived in third.

With 13 participating teams, the Intermediate division was one of the most interesting competition to follow at Colonial Classic. Teams Elite won the event with 70.62, followed by the Ice Mates and the Team Image from the Yonkers FSC.

Novice was also an exciting event! And Teams Elites once again finished in first with a huge score of 83.77. Star Mates claimed the silver medal with 70.85 and grabbed a narrow lead over Skyliners Black in the free program (70.36). Eleven teams competed in this division and the scores were really tight between Starlights and Team Image who finished respectively 4th and 5th.

This competition was also an opportunity for young synchro skaters to present their program.

In the Pre-Juvenile division, the gold went to the Shooting Stars and Skyliners.

DC Edge Red was the winner in the Open Juvenile division (group B). In group A, the victory went to DC Edge Blue.

Skyliners and Team Excel won the Preliminary competition. 

And in the Synchro Skills competitions: DC EDGE Red and Blue from Washington got the gold medals in the Level 1 (group A and B), and New Jersey Skyliners won the group C competition. In the Synchro Skills Level 2, Mirror Images from Thomas Creek FSC, Warwick's Snowflakes and Mini Shooting Stars finished first.

Results - TOP 3

Colonial Classic 2020
Lowell, Massachusetts (USA)
JAN 03, 2020 - JAN 05, 2020

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Teams Elite (USA)83.77
2Star Mates (USA)70.85
3Skyliners Black (USA)70.36

TEAM Score
1Team Image (USA)59.52
2Team Excel (USA)41.48
3Synchroettes (USA)29.19

TEAM Score
1Teams Elite (USA)70.62
2Ice Mates (USA)61.65
3Team Image Black (USA)53.59