Marigold IceUnity (FIN), Back In Business in the Netherlands!


Marigold IceUnity won the Lumière Cup 2019 with a huge lead. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2019)

Lumière Cup 2019 took place this weekend in Eindhoven (NED). 30 synchro teams competed on Saturday evening with their Free Programs. Cool Dreams won the Advanced Novice division, Musketeers delivered an excellent skate and earned the Junior gold and Marigold IceUnity put out a beautiful program in the Senior category.

Novices: Mary Poppins' magic
Skating to "Mary Poppins", Cool Dreams picked up the gold medal in Eindhoven. Dressed in elegant blue costumes, the Swiss team earned 62.36 points for its clean performance.

Representing Germany, Team Berlin Novice won the silver title after a creative free program to "Dumbo". The team got 59.74 points.

The bronze medal went to another team from Switzerland: Team Starlight from the city of Zürich (51.97). 

Skating Graces (GER) got 48.76 for their "Tap Dance" free program and finished 4th. Skating with good speed and power, Ice Dreams (GBR) arrived in 5th with a score of 46.66. Coming from Australia, Southern Sky ranked 6th (41.42) and the French team Magic Crystals placed 7th.

Finland remained at the top in the Junior event
Musketeers racked up a personal best total score of 189.32 points to win the Junior competition. Their free program ”Metamorphosis” was powerfull and precise, they flashy green costumes took the audience to their own universe (119.34).

Their compatriots Valley Bay Synchro moved up one spot at 184.04 points to get the silver. Their program "Inside one’s mind" was full of poetry and emotions and proposed a beautiful beginning. They got 117.38 points for this performance.

Dressed in black and green, Les Suprêmes Junior (CAN) skated their "Matrix" free program in the Netherlands. Second after the short, the Canadian team finished third in the final rankings.

Musketeers, winners of the Junior competition. (Credits: S.J. Photos - 2019)

With a total of 165.97 points, Dream Edges (FIN) and Zhemchuzhina (RUS) finished in perfect tie.

The Finnish Junior champions Dream Edges started their free program "Stonehenge" with full power. Their synchro spins and their Moves element were totally amazing. But just after that, the team got 3 falls in the intersection and fourth one in the No Hold bloc. They got 105.99 points for the free skate, 165.97 points in total. Coached by Valentina Tsapleva, Zhemchuzhina performed a clean and classic free program.

Team Spirit (SWE) presented a mysterious free program called "Haunted". The team got a few levels 4 and positive GOEs (83.19). They finished 6th.

Dream Edges in their "Stonehenge" free program. (Kirsi Laine Photography - 2019)

Third last year at Lumière Cup, Team Ice Fire from Poland won 67.11 points for the free program. Total score: 107.83 points. The team improved a lot from last season and finished just in front of Zazous (FRA) that totalized 107.14 points. With their nice blue costumes and their red bow ties, the French team performed a dynamic and jazzy performance.

Dressed in colorful costumes, Icicles Junior (GBR) skated to a "Circus" medley. The team got 70.71 points (total score: 100.49) and placed 9th. With interesting dresses (half in grey and half in black), Chrysalides (FRA) received 67.31 points for its free program and finished 10th.

Starlight skated its "Winter" program and got 63.37 points. With 93.65 in total, this Swiss team ranked 11th. Coached by Philip Carter and Georgina Moorehead, Solway Stars (GBR) earned 58.64 points for their free program and placed 12th overall. Team Illuminettes (NED) placed 13th after their "Alice in Wonderland" free skate that brought them 77.64 points, 98.47 in total.

Finland, France and Germany at the top of the Senior division
Marigold IceUnity seems to be back in business to conquer international gold titles. The Finnish team skated on Saturday evening a speedy and powerful free program “Tribute to Notre Dame”. The famous team got 140.30 points for the free skate and a score of 215.25 overall. It's MIU's personal best score of the season! 

The French champions Zoulous pulled up to second and claimed the silver medal. The team, that have had some troubles on Friday with an athlete's injury, skated on Saturday a strong and very "Frenchy" performance. Zoulous earned 135.65 points for both programs.

Skating Graces dropped from second to third on 133.02 points. The team from Germany performed a nice free program to “Formel 1”. Separated into two different groups by the color of the costumes, the athletes skated confidently and invite the audience to follow their speedy race track!

Team Starlight (SUI) finished 4th in their season's first international competition. The team received 90.84 for the free program and 128.28 points in total. 

Ranked 7th after the short program, Team Phoenix from Belgium moved up two spots at 109.24 points to get the 5th place. The team skated to "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Skating to a dynamic and colorful free program, Team Icicles got 69.17 points for their performance. The team from Nottingham had one fall in the Twizzle element. They ranked 6th, by earning a total of 104.32 points.

United Angels (GER) and Team Ice United (NED) finished respectively 7th and 8th. The Dutch team performed a rhythmed free program called "Africa Beat". Team Illumination unveiled its new program and red dresses and arrived in the 9th position overall. For their first international competition, Magenta (GBR) came 10th after two encouraging programs.

Short program's competitions

Results - TOP 3

Lumière Cup 2019
Eindhoven (NED)
DEC 13, 2019 - DEC 15, 2019

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Cool Dreams (SUI)62.36
2Team Berlin Novice (GER)59.74
3Starlight (SUI)51.97

TEAM Score
1Musketeers (FIN)189.32
2Valley Bay Synchro (FIN)184.04
3Les Suprêmes (CAN)181.74

TEAM Score
1Marigold IceUnity (FIN)215.25
2Zoulous (FRA)135.65
3Skating Graces (GER)133.02