Japanese teams competed in Tokyo and unveiled their themes


Jingu Ice Messenger Senior presented for the first time this season its new free program "Hercules". (Credits: Ayumi Kirihara - 2019)

The 27th Tokyo Synchronized Skating Open Competition took place on 9 November 2019 in Nishitokyo, a city located in the western portion of Tokyo, Japan. This year, 5 teams competed in the Juvenile, Junior and Senior categories.

"Indiana Jones" and "Kung fu Panda" in Juvenile
In the Juvenile category, Jingu Ice Messengers took the gold medal (34.36) by performing ecstatically with the music the adventures of "Indiana Jones". The 10 skaters wore colorful dresses and pigtails. Most elements were executed clearly but the team had to do with 1 fall in the program.

Saitama TiarAce debuted their new "Kung Fu Panda" program. They wore shiny pink Chinese dresses and performed with Kung Fu movements. Despite 2 falls, the skaters executed a smooth Pivoting Brock and a wonderful transition such as jumps and knee-slides. Saitama TiarAce finished second with a total score of 28.73.

Jingu Ice Messengers Juvenile and their "Indiana Jones" program

Juniors and Senior showed their free programs
In the Junior category, Jingu Ice Messengers Junior (65.37 points) and Saitama Crystal Ace (55.06 points) performed their free programs on Saturday.

Jingu Ice Messengers Junior skated to the song "Home Alone". Their program was powerful, especially the 4 lifts that surprised many spectators. Saitama Crystal Ace debuted their new free program to "La La Land". The skaters wore blue and yellow dresses and skated a clean program.

Both Junior teams performed challenging elements (one-foot Pivoting block, Whip, and Angled intersection, Weaving in Circle, etc.) and made a good impression. The teams will continue to work for the National Championships and maybe to qualify for the Worlds.


In the Senior category, Jingu Ice Messengers showed their new free program called "Hercules". With 16 skaters in the team, Jingu Ice Messengers are in good condition this year and they executed the required elements. However, the difficulty of their elements was lower than usual, but they will now improve their skills. The team earned 87.06 for their free program.
For all teams, competing so early in the competitive season was very helpful.

It's also exciting to see that this year, many Junior teams from Japan will try to qualify for the Junior Worlds in March in Nottingham. However, the Japanese Federation has not yet made a decision for this season.

We are already looking forward to seeing what these teams have in store for the rest of the season!

Results - TOP 3

Tokyo Synchro Competition 2019
Tokyo (JPN)
NOV 09, 2019 - NOV 09, 2019

TEAM Score
1Jingu Ice Messengers (JPN)87.06

TEAM Score
1Jingu Ice Messengers (JPN)65.37
2Crystal Ace (JPN)55.06

TEAM Score
1Jingu Ice Messengers (JPN)34.36
2Saitama Tiar Ace (JPN)28.73