Jingu Ice Messengers Greet Spectators with New Programs


The Junior team presented a good free program this weekend in Tokyo. (Credits: Roy Ng Photography - 2019)

In Japan, the new synchro season starts with new programs! Jingu Ice Messengers have unveiled their latest programs to all eager spectators!

2019 Tokyo Summer Figure Skating Competition was held on 23 to 25 August 2019 where figure skaters of different disciplines from Tokyo Metropolis competed against each other. This year the junior and juvenile teams of Jingu Ice Messengers took part in the synchro competition on 24 August 2019.

The 10 skaters of Juvenile team took the ice first and debuted their “Indiana Jones” program. Paired with bright orange skirts, the music and choreography conveyed a variety of mood and the audience related well with the iconic music. They skated with a smooth flow and the traveling circle could be well recognised. With additional practice down the road, they will certainly time and position more accurately. They scored 27.92 points.

The Juvenile team skated in colorful dresses. (Credits: Roy Ng Photography - 2019)

The Free Skating programme of Junior teams this season is “Home Alone” based on the movie of the same name. The Junior team did well in the premiere which left audience very much impressed. This time 14 skaters took the ice. Creative wheel was pleasing to watch and pivoting block was also nicely executed.  The 64.84 points scored should be an encouraging start for the team.

The coaching team was happy with the performances this weekend since the teams finishing weaving their full programs not long ago. After receiving the feedbacks from judges, they would focus refining the programs for higher technical levels.

Indeed expectation is high this season. Jingu Ice Messengers is expecting to field a full Junior team this season and the possibility for the Junior team to participate in international competitions is real. They can carry the confidence gained from this competition to the Short Program which they are brewing. We heard they would challenge themselves with music style they had not attempted before.

The Junior team prepares for the whip intersection. (Credits: Roy Ng Photography - 2019)

In the meanwhile, we can eagerly anticipate Senior team gaining full strength before we get to watch their programs in competitions. The best things in life are worth waiting for.

Jingu Ice Messengers are expecting to compete in local competition again in late November this year. Stay tuned for more coverage!