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The 5 most read news stories of 2019


The Nova Senior team from Canada was one of the year's great surprises in the world of synchro skating. / Credits: Sean McKinnon

This summer, we take the opportunity to remember the highlights of last season. Find out the five most-read synchro articles on Jura Synchro for the beginning of the year 2019!

The Nova phenomenon

At the beginning of 2019, the synchro world spoke only about Nova, this young team from the Montreal area in Canada. Indeed, during the Mozart Cup in Austria, Nova Senior made a big hit by winning this famous competition. The team had even surpassed Finland's Marigold IceUnity, Crystal Ice (RUS), Team Unique (FIN) and even the American team Haydenettes.

Find out below the interview (in French!) of Nova after their victory in Austria:

And then, a few weeks later, a second surprise arrived for Nova, who became for the first time National Champion of Canada. The team of Marie-France Sirois performed perfectly in the Free Program and finished with gold.

MIU on TV!

Among the other great news of the beginning of the year: the remarkable program of 2018 World Champions Marigold IceUnity (MIU) on the show "Dancing on Ice" in Great Britain. "It was truly an amazing experience for us! The Dancing on Ice family welcomed us with open arms, we could not have hoped for better, we are so proud and grateful that our sport has been invited to this sensational show!," said MIU captain Camila Sundgren.

For the show, Marigold IceUnity skated their former blue star costumes. / Credits: Janne Koistinen

The interview about Team Viola

In Great Britain also, the interview of Team Viola former coach Katrina Cotterrall also marked the news on Jura Synchro. The coach has opened her heart to tell us the history of this first fully funded synchro team that ended last summer. Read it again here!

Challenger Series: something new in the sport

Finally, more recently, the International Skating Union (ISU) announced the creation of a Synchronized Skating Challenger Series. Many fans have devoured the article presenting this new opportunity for the sport. Starting next season, five competitions from around the world will take part and the best teams in the world will compete there.

And you, what did you like the most this season?
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