The 5 best programs videos of 2018-2019


Synchro fans enjoyed seeing the Finnish Team Unique program on YouTube. / Credits: Milhail Lefler

Discover synchronized skating videos that tickled your curiosity and made your eyes shine. You'll find the top 5 most popular videos of this season 2018-2019!

In 5th position, the short program of team Crystal Ice Junior (RUS). Thanks to their impressive interpretation, the Russians won the Mozart Cup in January skating to “Take Me To Church” by Milck and “Believer” by Imagine Dragons.

Review their performance below!

With more than 14,000 views, the Nova Senior Team (CAN) program is ranked fourth. The Quebec team made a splash this season with this very creative performance on the theme of light.

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The free program “Transformers” of Marigold IceUnity (FIN) also particularly pleased viewers on YouTube. The Finnish team finishes in the third position of this best of!

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With its "unique" colorful costume, Team Unique (FIN) has dazzled the fans who watched and watched again the performance of the Finnish team at the Mozart Cup in Salzburg. As a reminder, the athletes from Helsinki won the short programs in January thanks to this program.

Do you remember? Otherwise, watch it again below!

At the first place of this best of with more than 23,000 views: the Haydenettes (USA) and their memorable free program on "The Greatest Showman".

You can see again this amazing performance in video!

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