Winter Cup 2018 commences in Belgium


The Junior B Solway Stars team took the lead of the competition. / Credits: Roy Ng Photography

The first competition day of Winter Cup 2018 was already full of excitement for all people.  For many teams this was the first time their new programs being put to test and judges’ feedbacks were received.

Two Adult teams from Belgium and the United Kingdom started the competition day racing head-on to each other. Reigning Belgium team Iceclusif (21.35 points) successfully defended their champion title by delivering their programme based on a medley of ABBA music which was rich of a variety of mood. They obviously enjoyed their time on ice and displayed great cheerfulness throughout. British team Illusion (18.42 points) also had a great time skating to their happy party atmosphere program. Both teams delivered their programmes smoothly with no fall.

The two Junior B teams from the United Kingdom and Belgium then took over the ice. Both teams skated well and scored close to each other. Despite setbacks from falls, Scottish Solway Stars (44.39 points) edged out Belgian Ice Fever (42.40 points) with their pleasant programme which they skated with speed whereas Ice Fever’s choreography matched well with the soft music.

The Adult team Iceclusif skated on Friday. / Credits: Roy NG Photography

Advanced Novice category was also a duo race.  In this category, British Ice Dreams (40.01 points) played against French Flammes (30.49 points).  Ice Dreams achieved good speed throughout and their pivoting block was executed with tight regular lines.  Despite the fall at Move Element, they landed on the top spot of the podium. Flammes managed to get their No-hold called at Level 3.  Their black and golden dresses were sparkling attractive on ice.

Ice Dreams (GBR) dominated Advanced Novice division. /Credits : Roy Ng Photography 

Fierce competition took place in the Mixed Age category where a total of 10 teams from four countries took part.  Winner German Team Butterfl'Ice (43.56 points) has been a long-time active participant in this category.  Their skating skills were reflected clearly with better speed and smoothly executed elements in comparison with other teams.  They maintained good regular spacing in pivoting block throughout and whip intersection was performed nicely as well.  Despite falls, they displayed confidence throughout the entire programme.

First runner-run Ice Unite (36.20 points) from the United Kingdom impressed the audience not just with impeccably colourful dresses but also with their powerful and energetic programme. Despite some small mistakes, they delivered their programme fluidly with no falls. In the third place was Team Crystallice (35.53 points) of Belgium. Their programme was intriguing with interesting choreography demonstrating versatility of different formations.

Team Butterfl'Ice (GER) won in the Mixed Age category. / Credits: Roy NG Photography

In the Junior ISU category, seven teams from Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and United Kingdom took part. In the past, teams usually not yet showed their full potential at early of the season. However this year many teams already showed great promises for being tough competitors down the road. After the Short Programs, Swiss Cool Dreams Junior (SP: 49.17 points) comes ahead with a considerate margin of 6.18 points against two teams: the French Team Jeanne D’Arc and Team Darlings from Czech Republic that finished with the exact same score (SP: 42.99 points).

The Senior ISU category of six teams was also another highlight of the day. Who could resist previewing the programs to be skated at World Championships? Switzerland returns with a new Senior team Starlight and also we see a new British team Magenta. French Les Zoulous currently lead by a wide margin of 16.77 points. We will see if any team is able to unseat them. In the world of synchro, nothing is sure until the end of Free Program because any mishap can be costly.

Please stay tuned for Jura Synchro’s coverage for the second day of competition, where Junior and Senior ISU teams will continue their all-out fight for spots on the podium. Basic novice, Pre-Juvenile, Juvenile, and Senior B categories competition will also take place.

Results - TOP 3

Winter Cup 2018
Gullegem (BEL)
NOV 22, 2018 - NOV 24, 2018

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Team Butterfl Ice (GER)43.56
2Ice Unite (GBR)36.20
3Team Crystallice (BEL)35.53

Junior B
TEAM Score
1Solway Stars (GBR)44.39
2Team Ice Fever (BEL)42.20

TEAM Score
1Zoulous (FRA)154.29
2Team Illumination (NED)110.14
3Team Phoenix (BEL)107.55

TEAM Score
1Cool Dreams (SUI)128.48
2Jeanne dArc (FRA)119.01
3Team Darlings (CZE)112.01

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Ice Dreams (GBR)40.01
2Les Flammes (FRA)30.49

Senior B
TEAM Score
1Team Xinthia (BEL)58.96
2All Stars (GBR)36.41