"Both programs are designed to show power, speed and strength"


Miami's senior synchronized skating team skated a dazzling short program at the Anaheim Ice Fall Classic two weeks ago. /Credits: Miami University

Training in Oxford, OH, Miami University Varsity already competed at two different competitions in the US. Since the beginning of the season, this Senior team continues to show marked improvement. Learn more about their programs!

The Senior team is coming off of a season with two international bronze medals from the Cup of Berlin and Leon Lurje Trophy and are the reigning 2018 National Bronze medalist.


Survivor is the music for Miami’s short program this year that is a remix of the original version from Destiny’s Child. The free skate is a Tango infused program. "Both programs this year are designed to show power, speed, and strength in two completely different ways." Both programs show a lot of speed throughout the whole program with the help of the great skating quality this team holds.

Both of the programs encompass a great deal of expression through not only the face but the body as well. The skaters exhibit their passion for the program, for their team, and for the sport when they skate. These two programs are a great tie in with all of the lessons that the team has learned from prior seasons and what skills have been built into the organization since establishment. 

Short Program "Survivor" & Free Program "Tango"

Miami University has started the season at the Diamond Classic. The team put together two clean skated and earned a final score of 166.07. At their second competition mid-November, the RedHawks finished second with 178.37. Skyliners from New York won the competition with a total of 184.45. "We missed one of our lifts and had a small fall that put us in second this time. We look forward to continuing to make improvements for our next competition,» head coach Carla DeGirolamo said on the official website.

The next step will be the Dr. Porter Classic competition which will take place next week in the United States.