"We’re excited to announce that the Starlight Team is back"


The last time the Starlight Seniors (SUI) competed at the World Championships was in 2010 in Colorado Springs. / Credits: Starlight Team

A new Senior team in Switzerland! Starlight Team Seniors is made up of 20 skaters between the age of 15 and 27 years old. Skating last season in the Mixed Age division, the team did a big step forward during the summer to join the Senior category. Interview with Sabrina, the Captain of this new Swiss team.

Sabrina, could you present the new team Starlight Senior...
Last season we skated in the mixed Age category with the goal to reach the Senior ISU level this season. Naturally we've been working very hard on bettering ourselves. Even though the team had made huge progress, many skaters didn't feel ready for the step to compete on the ISU level. Thanks to a motivating team spirit and high set goals, promising skaters from other teams committed to the challenge. To our delight quite a few single skaters with amazing skills joined us as well. This summer we worked on our dynamic as a team, skating together and becoming one. I’m so proud to be part of this amazing team. My teammates and I are excited to announced that the Starlight Team is back.
How are the trainings organized?
On average we train 5.5 hours a week on ice. Our two main coaches, Anna Pfeifhofer and Yara Rossi, conduct these practices. Together with our coaches, Eveliina Lundmann creates our short and long program. Alexander Gaszi supports us on and off ice regarding skating skills and lifts. To support our training, we also have dance classes and bootcamp training.

The Starlight team practises in the Zurich area. / Credits: Starlight Team

We’ve heard that the former European champion Sarah Meier was also one of the coaches… Is that correct?
Sarah Meier has always been a big supporter of Synchronized Skating, as her sister has competed with the Starlight Team for many years now.
As of this year Sarah Meier coaches the Starlight Team in expression, presentation and overall supporting us to reach our goals.

Where are you practising?
We are very fortunate, that the city of Zurich supports youth involved in sports. So, we train on different ice rinks within Zurich Switzerland. Our main ice rink is in Oerlikon.
Switzerland will have again next season a Senior ISU team. How do you feel about that?
We are ecstatic to have a Senior ISU team again in our country. The Swiss Skating Union has been a great support in taking the leap. It's exciting to be able to compete at an international level again, a new motivation has come over the Synchronized Skating World in Switzerland. Hopefully this new impulse will also bring our wonderful discipline a platform to motivate skaters to join this stellar, challenging and joyous sport.

Starlight Team during on the ice in Switzerland. /Credits: Starlight Team

What are your goals with this team for next season?
To be back on the ISU stage. Competing on this level is already a big accomplishment. We'd like to continue where Switzerland has left off. 
Do you already know which competitions you’ll participate in?
Our fist competition of the season will be the Wintercup Belgium, followed by the Mozart Cup in Salzburg, the Spring Cup in Milano and the Swiss Cup in Widnau (which is also the Swiss Championships). If we qualify we will end our season at the World Championships in Helsinki. The Swiss Skating Union is setting us qualification goals. If we reach these we will be able to compete at the 2019 Worlds. This will be our ultimate goal.