Synchro Technical Committee Meeting with Coaches (part 2)


The Lexettes team from Lexington (USA). / Credits: Tero Wester Photography

A few weeks ago, the ISU technical committee introduced to the synchro coaches the main modifications and proposals for season 2018/19. Discover now what could happen the next season! 

The first points (1 - 7) have been presented in a previous article

8. Changes for the Creative and Combined Element

«Now, the Creative Element will now begin when the shape is achieved», said Christopher Buchanan, chair of the ISU Synchronized Skating Technical Committee. To remember before it was everything from when the previous element finished until the next element started. «We’re trying to give a little more latitude for the team so they can create something new and interesting.»

9. Group lifts and Moves must be more concentrate

«One problem we’ve had in terms of the calling and the judging is when the lifts are so spread out over the ice this is very difficult to get consistent calling and see what’s going on», clearly explained Christopher Buchanan during the meeting. The technical committee is proposing that the lifts should remain within half of the ice. «We try not to bring too many restrictions of this type because we want to give as much choreography freedom as possible to the coaches. But we also have to be aware that we have to evaluate the programs. We want to make sure that the calling and the judging is fair.» Please note that the Move Element (fm’s) must also remain within the half of the ice surface.

Blue Arrows (FIN) /Credits : Tero Wester Photography

10. Intersection Element will begin sooner 

Slight change to the intersection: the technical committee is now considering that the intersection is beginning with the approach phase.

11. A new Twizzle Element 

The Technical Committee is also making some relaxations in the rules for the No Hold Element. «We are taking the twizzles out of the No Hold Element and making a separated element in its own right», said Christopher Buchanan. The No Hold Element will be shortened to give more freedom in the choreography to put the twizzles more appropriate with the music. One restriction is that you are not able to do the twizzles immediately following the No Hold Element. So it should be done as a separated Element.

12. A new concept of Group Spin 

A spin executed by 3 or more skaters. What a creative idea introduced by the technical committee. The spin must be performed on the spot around a common axis simultaneously without interruption and the skaters can be in the same or different positions and in any hold. Christopher Buchanan: «We’re hoping that the coaches will be coming up with some very interesting and creative spins that we can do and not the other disciplines can because we have the number.» 

Team Berlin (GER). /Credits : Mario Huth 

13. Bye bye 135° Spiral

«We are changing the name of the 135° spiral because nowadays the skaters are showing an incredible range of flexibility so it will be an Upright Extension.»

14. Number of crossovers

??As last season, the number of crossovers must be kept at a minimum but there is no more restriction about the number. In the past, doing two crossovers was the end of a step series. «Again, we’re trying to give a little bit more latitude,» said the technical committee. 

15. A new Choreographic Sequence 

This consists of any kind of movements such as steps, turns, spirals, spread eagles, Ina Bauers, lunges, etc. The technical committee has also introduced a choreographic slide: a movement when a skater slides across the ice in a controlled manner. «We have seen some teams bringing some very interesting and innovative moves. One thing that we don’t want to happen is when a team is bringing something new to us that they are penalized or been told something like Oh actually that’s a fall. We think that this will be a quite interesting opportunity to have a little more dynamism. In the future, if you can come up with some other moves, we are very happy to take those and put them on the rules.» 

The technical committee also introduced the Well Balance programs. «Just to let you know that the Synchronized Spin Element now includes solo spins, pair spins and group spins. The Senior Free Program will consist of ten Elements executing within the 4 minutes program. In the Free Skate also, Senior will have to do a Lift as a Creative Element. The technical committee also introduced Creative Intersection for Juniors. 

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Results - TOP 3

ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships 2018
Stockholm (SWE)
APR 06, 2018 - APR 07, 2018

TEAM Score
1Marigold IceUnity (FIN)209.02
2Team Surprise (SWE)207.99
3Team Paradise (RUS)200.97