French Cup 2018: Russians, the big winners


Junost dominated the junior competition. / Credits: Roy Ng Photography

The excitement of French Cup 2018 reached the pinnacle on the second day of French Cup 2018. Read more to know how the world’s best teams were doing.

Having a head start from the Short Programme, Junior category champion Team Junost (SP: 66.66; FS: 109.52; total: 176.18) from Yekaterinburg, Russia continued to lead the remaining nine teams by a wide margin at the end of the day. They skated to strong orchestral music and successfully delivered a challenging programme. Their synchronized spin was pleasant to watch. And so at the end, they won again the French Cup this year.  

American team Skyliners (SP: 63.38; FS: 101.20; total: 164.58) maintained their second position with their “Black Swan” programme. Their score was similar to that obtained one month ago in Cup of Berlin (which was 165.73). 

On the third position of the podium was Lexettes (SP: 60.94; FS: 98.30; total: 159.24) of the USA who continued their European tour after Leon Lurje Trophy (where they scored 158.29).


In the Senior category competition among teams was very intense. Five of the current top ten senior teams in accordance with current ISU Standings had their eyes on the top spot of the podium in Rouen. After the short programmes, the top teams were very close so it got very exciting in the later part of the game. 

Nexxice of Canada (SP: 70.12; FS: 123.58; total: 193.70) started the second group of senior teams.  Their “River” programme has a special flair to set them apart from their peers and was ranked the fourth in Free Skating.  However, the competitors today were so tough that even their excellent programme was simply not enough.  The Canadians landed at the fifth position at the end.  

Finnish Marigold IceUnity (SP: 73.06; FS: 121.18; total: 194.24) had points deducted due to falls during Intersection and No-Hold and those falls were anti-climax to the otherwise creatively choreographed aquatic theme program. 

The other two Finnish teams Team Unique (SP: 73.44; FS: 130.00; total: 203.44) and Helsinki Rockettes (SP: 75.42; FS: 126.08; total: 201.50) swapped the second and third positions after the Free Program.  They both have intricate and emotionally rich programs, but for Helsinki Rockettes, one set of group lift was not executed fully successfully and so the silver medal was passed to Team Unique.

The champion Team Paradise (SP: 76.42; FS: 134.76; total: 211.18) from Russia was leading by only 1 point after Short Program, so there was great pressure to execute all elements correctly.  In fact, in the morning practice session the Russian team had some setbacks which upset some of the skaters.  During competition Russian fans cheered and gave rounds and rounds of thunderous applause as the team progressed through their complex program without hiccups.  The moment risky elements such as group lifts and intersections were executed the audience witnessed the team matching towards the top spot of podium successfully.  At the end, Team Paradise received 134.76 points for their effort to execute complex and difficult manoeuvres.

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With top teams competing against each other based on programmes which had received much refinement during the season and enthusiastic fans chanting, singing, dancing and cheering without fail during competitions and ice-surfacing periods, the French Cup might be mistaken as a mini World Championship!

Results - TOP 3

French Cup 2018
Rouen (FRA)
FEB 02, 2018 - FEB 03, 2018

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Team Dynamique (FIN)61.67
2Finettes (FIN)53.81
3Blue Arrows (FIN)51.80

TEAM Score
1Junost (RUS)176.18
2Skyliners (USA)164.58
3Lexettes (USA)159.24

TEAM Score
1Team Paradise (RUS)211.18
2Team Unique (FIN)203.44
3Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)201.50