Japan’s Jingu Ice Messengers Seasonal Debut in Tokyo


The Jingu Ice Messengers' novice team has grown and is composed of 16 skaters this year. / Credits: Roy Ng Photography

The 25th Tokyo Synchronized Skating Competition took place on 19 November 2017 in Nishitokyo of westen Tokyo metropolis. The competition was open to synchro teams under Tokyo Skating Union or its cooperative prefectures. And in all categories, the teams skated only their Free Programs.Our familiar face Jingu Ice Messengers entered the competition at Senior, Novice andJuvenile levels as the sole competitors at respective level. 


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The juvenile team competed first. Seven young skaters in malachite green dresses, which fitted the theme “Enchanted” of Disney movie, displayed confidence and perseverance despite a fall during warm up. Their line element was performed well. Spectators were delighted by the program ending of elegant spins. They achieved 32.3 points.

The novice team expanded greatly this year with full strength of 16 skaters interpreting the music selected from the classic movie Mary Poppins. Concentric circle element was executed and the wheel showed interesting variations. They skated the full program without a fall earning 51.11 points.

The senior team skated to a medley of music from the movie Forrest Gump. Being early in the season, only 12 skaters stepped on the ice. They showed steady performance and wheel was in good formation. Spectators were in awe as group lifts were executed. Many new skaters joined the senior team this year and yet they showed synchronized arm-leg positions. They scored 72.36.

Jingu Ice Messengers is always much beloved by fans and spectators. The same happened in the ice arena today as families and friends patiently waited for their debut. We look forward to seeing them again in Japan National Competition and hopefully other international competitions.

The Jingu Ice Messengers Juvenile team. /Credits : Roy Ng Photography