France: the last titles of champions have been awarded


Les Flammes - Juvénile. /Credits : Olivier Brajon, Patinage Magazine 2017

The 2016/2017 season ended for the French teams on 30 April in Besançon where the Coupe de France took place last Sunday. There were 4 titles to be awarded for the categories (Mixed Age, Adults, Novices Basic and Juveniles).

A few weeks ago, the Senior Elite and Junior N1 teams were able to celebrate their national titles.

The very first medal was attributed to the Zoulous who competed alone in the category. In December 2016, following an intense day of competition at the French Elite championships which regroup several disciplines, the team from Lyon won their 6th French championships in a row with a total of 133.42 points.

In Junior N1, there were 4 teams competing for the gold. Last February in the Paris area, the Norman team of the Jeanne d'Arc received their second title of champions of France with a total of 111.53 points.

At the Senior N2, Junior N2 and Novice Advanced levels, it's a little different in France. The championships are composed of 3 rounds. The teams must participate in the 3rd round (which corresponds to the final) and in one of the other two rounds, they can choose which one. The title is awarded to the team with the best points average.

The final of the French championship for the 9 teams concerned was held in March 2017 at the Trophée des Hauts de France in Valenciennes. In the Senior N2 division, the Ex'L Ice team won the title with an average of 65.96 points. The team therefore did their goal of the season which was to win the championships.

In Junior N2 field, there were only two teams involved. Margot is a skater with Les Comètes and explains that the team went from 20 skaters to 13, which was a shock for them, but the team knew how to stay strong and was crowned champion of France with an average of 61.20 Points with a program on a medley of Beyonce pieces of music.

At Novice Advanced level, 5 teams skated for the national title. But at the end, Chrysalides climbed on the highest step of the French podium with an average of 42.05 points.

Les Comètes, Junior N2, and their Beyonce's program. /Credits : Olivier Brajon, Patinage Magazine 2017

Finally, for the Mixed Age, Adults, Novice Basic, and Juveniles, everything was played on one competition: the Coupe de France which took place on April 30, 2017. The competition was tough for the 32 teams that had only one pass to convince the judges.

The biggest category was the Mixed Age with no less than 11 teams for a single title. With their metallic blue dresses, the Etincelles won the competition with 43.74 points.

Les Etincelles, Mixed Age /Credits : Olivier Brajon, Patinage Magazine 2017

For the Adults category, 5 teams competed for the first place. With their program to the music of the film "The Great Gatsby", the team from Louviers the Lady 'Moz won the national title (42.10 points).

In the Novice Basic division, also the competition was tough with 7 participating teams. Finally, the Chrysalides postponed the competition with a total of 36,05 points. The team skated a nice program on the music of the film « The Sound of Music ».

Chrysalides, Novice Basic (program "The Sound of Music") /Credits : Olivier Brajon, Patinage Magazine 2017

Finally, the second biggest category at this Cup of France: the Juveniles. 9 teams from all over France competed. The team Les Flammes with their black and pink tunic was crowned champions of France with 22.34 points.