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    Alicia TROMPETTE

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    "I’ve been skating synchro for 10 years now being a part of different teams in my club. Since 2012, I skate with Zoulous and I had the opportunity to participate in 4 World Championships. Last year, I was responsible for news about my team on a French online blog. The goal was to speak about our competitions. Quick info about me: I’ve always been one of the smallest skater in my team !"

    What does synchronized skating mean to you?

    "For me, synchronized skating could be summarize as follows: «alone we can go faster, but together we can go further». The strength of each member bring the team forward."

Last news by Alicia TROMPETTE

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One team, one panel and judges... A win-win solution

From November 4th to 7th, the ISU hosted a seminar for judges and technical panel in Lyon, France. The local team, Les Zoulous, was the demonstration team.

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Improving your skills without actually practicing them is possible!

"While I was injured I was watching the games. I was thinking about how I could counter this or this stricker, which pass to make. I found out I could improve even though I could not practice," Vincent Kompany, former international soccer player. Training without ice, is it possible for synchro skaters?

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Competing under COVID-19: a synchro skater's perspective

Last weekend French synchronized skaters went back to competition during the Masters. What were the rules and constraints of competing during the pandemic? A Senior athlete tells about her experience.

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"I stay at home, they save lives!"

As French skaters are in the middle of their sixth week of lockdown, here's an overview of how Alicia and her Senior team Zoulous facing these troubled times.