Teams Elite (USA) Gears Up for the National Spotlight


The team trains approximately 9-10 hours on ice during the season and 3-4 hours off-ice. (Credits: Synchro Skating Moments Eva Rosta - 2024)

As the US National Championships are about to begin, Teams Elite and coach Danielle Ostrower share insights into their preparation and aspirations. With remarkable achievements in Europe and a focus on unity and artistic expression, they aim to leave an indelible mark on the national stage, eyeing a spot at the Junior Worlds in Switzerland.

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- Teams Elite Junior made a very strong impression in Europe at the start of the year at international competitions. After your gold medals at the Budapest Cup and the Hevelius Cup, what are your impressions? 

Danielle Ostrower, Director of Teams Elite Synchronized Skating Teams: Our entire coaching staff is incredibly proud of the team’s achievements in Budapest and Poland. It is a testament to their hard work and dedication.  As a coach, I celebrate their success, but I also recognize there is always room for improvement. We are continuing to work hard to refine our programs and strive for even greater accomplishments in the future. 

- You have twice surpassed the 200-point mark, which is very high for a junior team. Did you expect such results? 
Going into these events, we did not have specific expectations. Our focus was on meticulous preparation, honing skills and fostering a positive team dynamic. Our emphasis was on the process and the commitment to our preparation. 


- Back in the USA, what are your main priorities? Which element(s) are you working on?Since returning home from Poland, our main priority is to focus on the small intricacies of our programs.  We want to create a captivating and memorable experience for both our atheists and the audience. Right now, it is about elevating the artistry and precision of each program. 

- You'll be taking part in the US national championships in the next few days. What will be your goal for this competition? As we approach the US national championships, our primary focus is continuing to foster a strong connection within the team. Our emphasis is not on the end result but rather on the journey. Our goal is to navigate the preparation process with dedication and unity, leaving no room for regrets when the team steps onto the ice. 

- Will the Nationals determine whether you take part in the Junior Worlds in Switzerland as part of Team USA? The national championship is a determining factor in the World team selection. Other factors include the ISU Challenger Series Competitions, International Competitions and U.S. domestic competitions. 

- Now, let's take a quick glance at your programs. Let's start with "Moonlight Sonata". Can you tell us about the story of this program and what you'd like to get across with this performance?
Our Moonlight Sonata short program is a deeply symbolic journey for our team.  The program tells a story of the profound connection our athletes share with each other, mirroring the emotional depth Beethoven had with his piano. The music serves as a powerful backdrop, allowing the athletes to express the beauty of oneness and shared passion. It is more than just a skating program, it is an artistic portrayal of the unique bond that unities the team, much like Beethoven’s connection to his musical craft. 

- Your free program is "Snake Charmer". What are the highlights of this program? Our Snake Charmer free program is a captivating exploration of connection and control. It demonstrates the delicate dance between the charmer and the snake, exploring the nuanced dynamics of the relationship. 

The 2024 U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships are set to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, from February 21 to 24. The event will feature competitions across nine divisions, including the junior category. The two junior teams that will represent Team USA at the World Junior Championships will be named following the junior free skate, which is scheduled for Thursday, February 22.