Marigold IceUnity and Musketeers won the Mozart Cup 2024


Marigold IceUnity in its free program "They are here - Aliens!". (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2023)

This weekend, Marigold Ice Unity and their little sisters Musketeers from Finland clinched the gold in the Senior and Junior divisions at the Mozart Cup 2024.

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Senior ISU
In the Senior ISU division, only two teams participated. Marigold IceUnity from Finland presented a strong routine featuring a series of complex elements, amassing a technical base value of 55.50 in the free skate. Despite two falls in this program, their total segment score soared to an impressive 142.33 and 213.23 in total, thanks to high grades of execution and program components that underscored their artistic and technical prowess.

Germany's Skating Graces showcased a blend of elegance and technical skill, securing the silver position. Despite five falls in the free skate, their performances brought them a total score of 136.68. 

Junior ISU
The little sisters of Marigold IceUnity also won gold in the Juniors category!

The Musketeers won the short program and the free skate thanks to two excellent performances in Austria. The team, skating "Shackles of Monarchy" in the free program and "Electricity" in the short program, finished with 181.38 points. 

Musketeers, the winner in the Junior division. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2023)

Reflections (also from Finland) took 2nd place with 178.41 and the Northernettes (USA) became bronze medallists with a total of 175.23. The rankings for the three leading teams remained unchanged between the short program and the free skate.

The junior competition was very strong, with a total of 13 teams taking part, representing eight nations. 

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Elite 12
Team Darlings from the Czech Republic delivered two good performances, leading in the Elite 12 division (115.95).

Spain's Team Fusion also made a notable impact in both programs. Despite a few challenges, commitment and effort were evident throughout their performances. They earned 111.95.

ISU Advanced Novice
The Finnish team Starlights delivered a stunning performance in the Novice ISU Free Program, earning the top spot. Their routine, marked by elements like a ME4 and and I4, achieved a total score of 89.43 !

Finland's Finettes took second place with their dynamic performance. Despite a fall in the intersection, they scored a total segment score of 86.76. Blue Arrows, also from Finland, secured the third position with a score of 70.89, presenting elements like TrE4 and SySp4, although they encountered two falls.

Nine teams took part in the Novice ISU event, representing four countries.

As tradition goes, the Amadécup, the interclub competition, followed on Sunday. Team Moonlights (FIN) took the Mixed Age gold medal, Team Red Sunshines (GER) won the Adult division, and Team Kometa (CZE) was also the strongest in the Juvenile division.