Synchro skating can lead to anything... even a wedding!


"Thanks to synchro, we are even closer. We skate together, travel to competitions together and work together." - Stepanka

Stepanka and Frantz-Michael met 9 years ago on the ice before being teammates in a team. She is from the Czech Republic, and he is from France, they are 25 and 26 years old. They now want to work together as synchro coaches and have the project to get married.

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Living more than 800 km (about 500 miles) away from each other... nothing expected these two to meet. Love and skating made it happen. 

Born in the Czech Republic, Stepanka started skating at 4. First in solo, then in ice dance. "When I was 19, I found a partner in France, who actually was Frantz's cousin. So I moved alone to Lyon where I started my studies," said the young woman who is studying sports preparation at the university. 

So they met in France. "By skating with his cousin, I became part of his family and with Frantz, we became friends who have many things in common. In the beginning, we didn't think at all that our friendship would evolve in this direction," laughed Stepanka.

"I guess we could say that skating itself has brought us closer," continued Frantz, who did ice dancing until he was 18 years old before entering the world of synchronized skating. Stepanka followed him, and both skated for several years on the senior Zoulous team. 

In 2019, the two lovers decided to go back to the Czech Republic. "I contacted my friends who were skating at Olympia. The coaches and skaters welcomed us warmly and quickly. Within a week, everything was wrapped up, and we were packing for Prague!" explained Stepanka. 

Stepanka (top) and Frantz-Michael on the ice with the French team Les Zoulous.

Today, Frantz-Michael is a coach and physical trainer in synchronized skating and ice dancing. He coaches the Prague Synchro teams from Pre-Juvenile to Junior, both in physical preparation and on the ice. He is also an ice dance coach at the Tomáš Verner Academy. 

Stepanka is in her last year of a Master's degree at the University of Lyon 1 and is the captain of the senior Olympia team. "I also help coach the younger Prague Synchro teams," explained the 25-year-old coach. 

Both of them want more than anything to stay in the world of skating and especially synchro skating. "Our goal is to pass on our knowledge and passion. As an ice dance coach, I dream of going to the World Championships and the Olympic Games. And one day maybe with synchro too" said Frantz-Michael. 

"The wedding is in preparation"

"Yes, I agree, we really like this coaching job. We want to help skaters develop on the ice but also outside of it, whether it's physical preparation or mental preparation. We want to give a maximum of our knowledge and experience to others," continued Stepanka.

The lovers also plan to get married this summer. "He proposed to me a year ago. The wedding is in preparation," said Stepanka, who also has many projects in mind. "We'll see after the wedding, but I would love to travel and discover the world, then start a Czech-French family, haha."

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In the meantime, their senior Olympia team, where they both skate, made a great impression at the Mozart Cup a few weeks ago.

With these performances, the Prague team earned their ticket to the World Championships in April and set a new national record in the free program and total points. 

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