Helsinki Rockettes from Finland storms to gold at the French Cup


The Helsinki Rockettes from Finland. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2022)

On Saturday evening, six international senior teams competed in Rouen. Follow the French Cup 2022 competition, program by program.

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The stands are filled to the brim on both sides of the rink! During the opening ceremony, a tribute was paid to Edith Ballester with a retrospective of the previous years of the French Cup!


A few minutes before the start of the competition, the French anthem rings out in the rink. We hear people singing... under the masks!

Group 1
Team Ice United from the Netherlands opened the competition with a program on lively rhythms. The team had some difficulties in an intersection but quickly got back on track. They scored 88.12 points for the free program, 133.64 overall.

The team that will represent Switzerland at the next World Championships, Starlight Elite, skated their free program "Trapped in a Dream". The team, who plunged the panel and the audience into their dream of a night, had two falls in the first intersection, then another fall in the very last seconds of the program. FP: 96.10 (deduction -3) / Total: 142.24

Cheered on by the audience, the French team Zoulous presented a clean free program with great chemistry. Their performance "Can You Hear Me," telling the story of a deaf person, was touching and fluidly performed. The team training in Lyon was awarded 111.27 points, 166.69 for both programs.

Group 2
The competition resumes with Team Passion (HUN). The team delivered a great performance full of speed, creative skating elements, unison and no major error was made. The Hungarian athletes were dressed in glittering blue dresses and received 117.40 points, so 179.04 in total. 

The audience then gave its attention to the American team Skyliners. Despite a fall in the Moves element, their free program was both intense and moving. The athletes also seemed to have lived the moment to the fullest. Skyliners Senior scored 128.00, with one point deduction, for a total score of 203.62. 

Finally, the last team to skate was the Helsinki Rockettes from Finland. The team led by Kaisa Arrateig skated their powerful free program "Digital Twin" with energy and power. There was only one fall in the No Hold block. The score for the free program was 146.84 (ded -1), for a total of 228.55 points.

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Already in the lead after the first day, the Finnish team Helsinki Rockettes won the 27th French Cup. The U.S. Skyliners Senior finished the weekend with the silver title, and the Hungarian Team Passion earned the bronze medal.

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In the junior competition

Results - TOP 3

French Cup 2022
Rouen (FRA)
FEB 04, 2022 - FEB 05, 2022

Elite 12
TEAM Score
1Hayden Select (USA)112.17
2Team Jeanne dArc (FRA)90.89
3Team United 12 (NED)82.89

TEAM Score
1Teams Elite (USA)197.26
2Dream Edges (FIN)175.83
3Team Ice Fire (POL)142.93

TEAM Score
1Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)228.55
2Skyliners (USA)203.62
3Team Passion (HUN)179.04