Sweden has chosen its teams for the World Championships


Team Seaside at the 2nd qualifications in Sweden. (Credits: Figure Skating Pictures - 2021)

The Swedish national federation announced on Friday the names of the two teams that will represent the country at the world junior championships. They are Team Spirit from Mölndal and Kungsbacka and Team Seaside from Tjörn.

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During the season, Team Spirit and Team Seaside have shown a high level during qualifying competitions, explained  the Swedish Figure Skating Federation in a press release on Friday.

"Neither team has been able to compete internationally due to the pandemic, so it will be particularly exciting to see how they fare in international competition," said Anna Burwall, sports director.

The scores between the two teams have been tight this season. Team Seaside won both qualifying events with a best personal score of 150.61. Team Spirit finished 2nd in both qualifiers with a top score of 146.63.

Team Spirit (Credits: Figure Skating Pictures - 2022)

Worlds experience
Team Seaside has competed in two Junior World Championships, finishing 13th in 2019 and 8th in 2020 in Nottingham.

Team Spirit, on the other hand, has competed in every junior World Championship since 2013. Their best result was in 2020 when they finished 7th at the Worlds. 

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