Team Ice on Fire Senior surprised and stormed to the gold medal


Ice on Fire Senior clinched victory in the Senior event. (Credits: Ice on Fire)

The Senior Team Ice On Fire brought home gold from the first national competition in Italy, leaving the silver medal to Hot Shivers. Many other ISU and Non-ISU teams competed on Sunday the rainy Aosta and put out creative performances.

Basic Novice and Advanced Novice

In Basic Novices, the most numerous category, seven teams presented their programs. Hot Shivers won the competition, the silver medal went to Shining Blades and Ice Sparkles came third. The runners up were Lady Birds, Flying Angels, Ice Diamonds and Crazy Splinters. Note also that Shining Blades from Milan reached the technical minimal score to join international competitions. 

In the Advanced Novices division, Hot Shivers delivered a clean program, as usual with elegance and precision, to Mary Poppins and won the competition. Lady Birds, mixing their poisoned potions, got the silver medal. Team Ice on Fire took the bronze. 

Some surprises in the Junior and Senior events
In the Junior category, Hot Shivers claimed the gold medal with a total score of 122.31 points running an emotional program to the soundtrack from "The Lion King". They are followed by Shining Blades that got a total score of 99.05 points.

Now, it is time to talk about the Senior category where we had a huge surprise from Team Ice On Fire. The skaters from Trento obtained 41.26 points in the short program and 93.48 points in the free program for a total score of 134.74 points. Ice on Fire started the season leaving everyone speechless, and now with this victory in Aosta, they confirm their great form.

The famous Hot Shivers dropped from first to second, and finished with the silver medal. The National champions and Team Ice on Fire had both a fall in the short program. In the free skate, Hot Shivers fell three times and Ice on Fire, one time.

The third position went to Shining Blades that got a total score of 80.18 points.

These three teams are competing to qualify for the World Championships. This season, Italy will be able to send two teams in Lake Placid in April.

Hot Shivers Junior Team at Kiss and Cry (Credits: Hot Shivers)

Juvenile and Mixed Age
The local team Ice Sparkles skated to the lead in the Juvenile category. Eight nice skaters dressed in a blue costume obtained a total score of 24.21 points, followed by the Ladybirds team from Milan (total score: 22.77 points).

This season in Mixed Age, Italy has two new entries coming from the Junior ISU category: Flying Angels from Rome and Ice Diamonds from Chiavenna. This situation can be explained by the lack of regular ice rinks that makes this sport difficult to practice in the country. 

Nevertheless, in the Mixed Age category, the first place went to Flying Angels that earned a total score of 36.90 points. They skated to the music of "Pearl Harbour" expressing the themes of war and love. Ice Diamonds finished second and skated to "The Huntsman Winter's War" (36.02). Frost Fairies took third place with a total score of 34.52 points.

Mixed Age in awards cerimony. (credits: Flying Angels Team)

Junior B
Three teams competed in this field. The first place went to Crazy Splinters from Rome. This team did a great performance with their "Aladdin" program and totaled a score of 36.34 points. The Ladybirds came second with a total score of 30.98 points, running their new Burlesque program. Ice Sparkles got third place (27.94). They skated their free program to a Eurythmics's medley.

Two teams competing in this category; Sunrice Gold got the first place and Ladybirds claimed the silver medal. The presence of these two teams confirms the fact that synchro is a discipline that always conquers the public and allows to develop new passions at any age.

Results - TOP 3

1st Gara Nazionale 2019
Aosta (ITA)
NOV 23, 2019 - NOV 24, 2019

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Hot Shivers Novice (ITA)61.64
2Ladybirds (ITA)49.55
3Ice on Fire (ITA)38.96

TEAM Score
1Hot Shivers Junior (ITA)122.31
2Shining Blades (ITA)99.05

TEAM Score
1Ice on Fire (ITA)134.74
2Hot Shivers Senior (ITA)131.18
3Shining Blades (ITA)80.18

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Flying Angels (ITA)36.90
2Ice Diamonds (ITA)36.02
3Frost Fairies (ITA)34.52