Team Titanium: Pioneering New Zealand's Journey to the Junior Worlds


After England and the Czech Republic, Team Titanium (NZL) travels to Switzerland for the Worlds.

In a remarkable stride for New Zealand's synchronized skating scene, Team Titanium is set to make history as the first Kiwi junior team to compete at the Junior World Synchronized Skating Championships, taking place in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Under the guidance of head coach Tracy Danbrook, a veteran with over a decade of coaching experience and a background in both single and synchronized skating, Team Titanium embodies the spirit of determination and passion for the sport.

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Tracy Danbrook, who joined Team Titanium in 2017, has dedicated herself to elevating the team from its nascent stages as a pre-basic novice squad to a formidable force on the international stage. With a vision that extended beyond New Zealand's borders, her goal was always clear: to introduce Team Titanium to the world arena, an ambition that is about to be realized in Neuchâtel.

Founded in the same year Danbrook took the helm, Team Titanium has shown remarkable growth and resilience. The team still includes five of its original members, a testament to its stability and commitment. This core group, alongside teammates who climbed the ranks from one level below, has fostered a deep sense of unity and progress.


A dream come true
Currently acclimating in the United Kingdom after competing at the Steel City Trophy, Team Titanium is utilizing a strategic approach to their preparations. The team embarked on a significant journey from Auckland on February 25th, setting up a temporary training base in Prague, Czech Republic. This phase is crucial for refining their routines and building on their performance before heading to Switzerland. Since their arrival, the team has been training every day on the ice," says the coach.

Team Titanium will thus be the very first New Zealand synchronized skating team to participate in the World Junior Championships in a few days. This is a milestone for the team, of course, but also for all the NZL's skaters. 


The journey to the Junior World Championships was not without its challenges. The qualification process in New Zealand underscored the inherent difficulties faced by synchronized skating teams in the country, from the scarcity of skaters to the rigorous standards required for international competition.

Nevertheless, Team Titanium's ability to meet these demands, increasing their roster from 13 to 16 skaters, speaks volumes of their resilience and collective ambition.

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The coach Tracy Danbrook has curated a compelling repertoire for the championships, with a short program set to David Guetta's "Shot Me Down" and a free skate inspired by the "Hunger Games" saga. These thematic choices reflect the team's dynamic range and creative vision, promising great performances in Neuchâtel.

As autumn returns to New Zealand, Team Titanium stands on the brink of a new season and a historic chapter in their journey. Their participation in the Junior World Championships is not merely a competition but a statement of progress, passion, and the potential of New Zealand's synchronized skating.