Paradise and Sunrise-1 won the 3rd stage of the Russian Cup


Paradise and Sunrise-1, Senior and Junior winners, after the competitions. (Credits: Paradise - 2021)

The last two weeks turned out to be super eventful for the Russian synchronized skating world. After the 2nd stage of the Russian Cup at the end of November, teams met again at the 3rd one last weekend. Five high-level senior teams competed in Togliatti, which made the competition really absorbing.

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Five senior teams competed this weekend and performed very well. The craziest part is that two of them were created just this season.

The Saint-Petersburg team Paradise won the competitions in the Senior category. The three-time World champions performed two outstanding performances, going ahead of the second place by 15 points. A fiery short program to the Gipsy Kings' song “Bamboléo” and a majestic free skating to the music from the opera “Samson and Dalila” gave 234.40 points to the team. It was a stunning victory. 

Paradise in the Kiss&Cry zone after the short program. (Credits: Paradise - 2021) 

The second place was for the Kazan team Tatarstan which finished the event with 219.34 points in total. They presented for the first time their short program to the song "Boom Boom Pow" by The Black-Eyed Peas.

It was dynamic skating at incredibly high speed with interesting choreographic ideas. Performing the free program to "Catwoman", the skaters from Tatarstan charmed the judges and the spectators.

The new team Junost Senior from Ekaterinburg, arrived in Togliatti just after their successful debut at the 2nd Stage of the Russian Cup, where they got silver.

After the first day, the team came second, performed a beautiful program to Anthony Hopkin's waltz. The next day, the athletes presented an extremely energetic free program to the mix of very famous songs of the music band "Queen".

They skated well; however, mistakes on the pairs element and the lack of one of the group lifts didn't allow the team to keep the silver. They earned 198,63 in total and took third place.

Zhemchuzhina and Team Orlenok completed the podium.

In the Junior category, Sunrise-1 from Saint Petersburg grabbed the lead from the very first day. Although they kept the last-year short program, it was improved and performed wonderfully. The image of dolls forgotten in the box was perfectly transmitted by the skaters.

The next day, Sunrise-1 was able to keep the first place. The team presented their new free program to the music from the famous serial "The Queen's Gambit", full of spectacular elements and movements like group lifts or volts, and got 206.24 in total. 

The Ekaterinburg team Junost, this time, placed second with 197,60 points. At the end of their flying short program called “February”, the skaters made an offensive mistake during the Move Element, which cost them a big loss of points.

Performing a joyful free program to "Spanish Capriccio", the team did a better performance. However, the skaters couldn’t catch up with the rivals from Saint Petersburg. 

Zhemchuzhina in the Kiss&Cry zone. (Credits: Zhemchuzhina - 2021) 

The team Zhemchizhina from Togliatti took the bronze title. The athletes showed good technical levels of the element's execution. In addition, the judges seem to have particularly appreciated the interpretation of the chosen music and composition of both programs. 

Despite two falls in the free program's pivoting block, the team performed very well and gathered 174,38 in total. 

Nine teams competed in the junior competition, and all exceeded the 112 point mark.

Results - TOP 3

Third stage of the Russian Cup 2021
Togliatti (RUS)
DEC 03, 2021 - DEC 05, 2021

TEAM Score
1Team Paradise (RUS)234.30
2Team Tatarstan (RUS)219.34
3Junost (RUS)198.63

TEAM Score
1Sunrise 1 (RUS)206.24
2Junost (RUS)197.60
3Zhemchuzhina (RUS)174.38

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Sunrise 2 (RUS)87.59
2Kazanochka (RUS)86.34
3Sunrise 3 (RUS)80.72