Les Suprêmes Senior (CAN): "It is an incredible feeling to see our efforts rewarded"


Les Suprêmes won the Canadian title on Saturday evening. (Credits: Sean McKinnon - 2020)

After the Canadian National Championships this weekend in Calgary, Skate Canada named the teams that will represent the country at the ISU World Championships 2020. Les Suprêmes, the 2020 senior Canadian champions, and silver medallists Nexxice from Ontario. Seventh at the last Worlds in Helsinki, Nova Senior will have to stay home this season.

After the emotions of this weekend at the Canadian national championships organized in Calgary, the two Senior teams who will skate under the colors of Canada at the Worlds have been chosen. Skate Canada informed its choice in an official press release on Monday.

Absent last season in Helsinki, Les Suprêmes, Canadian champions 2020, were selected. They will skate in Lake Placid (USA) in early April alongside Nexxice Senior.
Three "very strong" teams in Canada
"We are very proud of both of our performances this weekend. We have worked very hard this season and it is an incredible feeling to see our efforts rewarded with a Canadian national title," said the captains of Les Suprêmes who train in Saint-Léonard, QC.

After the competition, the skaters from Nexxice also said they were very proud to have qualified for the 2020 World Championships. "We are fortunate to have three very strong Senior teams representing Canada and we knew that the competition was going to be an exciting one. As always, the Nationals crowd didn’t disappoint and we felt so much support that really helped carry us through our programs," added the Burlington athletes.

What did the teams think of their programs?
Les Suprêmes: "We absolutely adored performing both of our programs in front of such a large and supportive crowd! We were able to perform to the best of our capabilities, staying calm and in control even under the excitement and energy brought by the many supporters. Despite some small mistakes, we feel as if we put our maximum effort in, leaving the ice extremely satisfied on both days."

Nexxice: "In regards to our short program, we made some errors and wished that we could have skated this with the same strength as we have done previously. However, we worked together to ensure that the rest of our performance was strong. In the free program, we were very happy with our skate. We were determined and motivated stepping on the ice. Our goal wasn’t perfection; we wanted to skate with grace and beauty and put on a performance that we could be proud of. We really felt the audience’s love for this program and want to thank everyone for cheering us on this weekend." 

Nova: "We had a few technical errors, but we are so proud of what we have accomplished. We skated with our hearts and we believe we have inspired young people to continue to outdo themselves in this wonderful sport. We are proud to have presented our two programs to match what we were able to do. We did not want to end the season so early, so we are certainly disappointed not to have the chance to represent our country at the World Championships."

"Anyone was deserving of the National title"
Winning the short program and the free program, Les Suprêmes certainly dominated this competition. "We got on the ice with a lot of confidence, we knew what we were capable of, it was only a matter of performing to our standards. Our objective was to perform as we have many times in practice, no more, no less," said the Quebec team.

For Nexxice, their state of mind was to be proud of their skates no matter what the outcome was. "We have competed against Les Suprêmes and Nova for many years now and knew that anyone was deserving of the National title," said Nexxice.

Next plans
Back home, Les Suprêmes and Nexxice will continue to practice and improve their programs for the Lake Placid Worlds.

"We like to think of our season as an uphill climb, so our goal is to continue working hard and improving upon our programs. We have learned many lessons this season and we plan to apply what we have learned into our training so that we will be stronger than ever at this year's World Championships," said Nexxice skaters.

At the same time, the Quebec teams will prepare to skate at the Opening Ceremony of the ISU World Figure Skating Championships which will take place in Montreal in March. "We will therefore be having a few practices dedicated to preparing for this excellent opportunity to showcase our sport. We all feel very excited," noted Les Suprêmes.

As for Nova, they will participate in a few shows in different clubs in the area and will hold a development seminar for synchronized skating athletes from Quebec. "Thereafter, we will take a short break in order to start the next season in great shape!", commented the team led by Marie-France Sirois.

Results - TOP 3

Canadian National Championships 2020
Calgary (CAN)
FEB 21, 2020 - FEB 23, 2020

TEAM Score
1Les Suprêmes (CAN)239.05
2Nexxice (CAN)225.41
3Nova (CAN)221.34

TEAM Score
1Nexxice (CAN)194.34
2Les Suprêmes (CAN)181.05
3Nova (CAN)156.00

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Gold Ice (CAN)108.28
2Nova (CAN)103.50
3Les Suprêmes (CAN)100.66

TEAM Score
1Nexxice (CAN)165.56
2Nova (CAN)148.20
3Cassiopée (CAN)139.11

TEAM Score
1Golding Ice (CAN)108.40
2Nexxice (CAN)106.87
3Les Éclypses (CAN)102.13