French Cup 2020: The free programs gave the goosebumps!


After four consecutive victories of Team Paradise in France, Helsinki Rockettes from Finland earned the gold. (Credits: Kirsi Kaine Photography)

The Ile Lacroix ice rink was full, fans were singing and dancing to cheer on their favourite teams... The 26th edition of the French Cup ended on Saturday evening in Rouen, in the north of France. Recap of this second day of competition.

Junior: Russian victory, Finnish medals
In the Junior division, the podium rankings didn't change on Saturday.

Team Junost (RUS) maintained its leading position with an intense long program skated in sulfurous red dresses. Despite a fall in a transition, this very high-flying performance brought them a score of 136.22 points for a total of 205.21 points.

Finnish teams stand below 200 points.

The team Dream Edges made a strong impression with their program called "Stonehenge" rich in expression and their creative composition. However, two falls occurred during the intersection but they still obtain a combined total of 191.02 points and won the Challenger Series' silver title.

Their compatriot team Musketeers, all dressed in green, skated with power their program "Metamorphosis" which included a fall. The little sisters of Marigold IceUnity totaled 186.55 points in Rouen and finished with the bronze.
The rankings were completely changed for the next teams.

Indeed, the Skyliners (USA) pulled up to 4th place thanks to an explosive program on the theme of "Moulin Rouge". They even finished third in the free program competition and got a total score of 120.35 points (total: 183.00). Two deduction points were applied for a fall and an "interruption in excess".

Not far from them, the Teams Elite (USA) moved up two spots. Skating to the song “Sounds of Silence”, the team shared emotions with the spectators. The team delivered a solid performance and scored 179.41.

The Canadian teams finally placed 6th and 7th. Nexxice totaled 177.07 points and grabbed a narrow lead over Les Suprêmes, who had two falls in their "Matrix" free program. Only 0.63 points separate these two teams representing Ontario and Quebec.

Nexxice (CAN) lors du programme libre. (Credits: Sean McKinnon)

Team Convivium (SWE) remained in 8th position and finished with a total score of 133.59.

The local Jeanne d’Arc team skated a confident and energetic performance that created a great atmosphere in the arena (85.96, total: 126.92). The team from Rouen is closely followed by the Chrysalides (FRA) who, despite a fall, performed their "Mirror" free program and achieved their season's best score with a total of 104.89. Therefore, they skated to a narrow lead over the vice-champion of France team Zazous from Lyon, who finished 12 points behind.

The British Icicles obtained a total of 91.83 points. The Italian team Shining Blades arrived in 13th in the competition with 87.23 points, and finally, the Illuminettes (NED) ranked 14th with 68.64 points.
A thrilling Senior competition!
The battle was very tough for the senior teams that offered the public an exciting show on Saturday evening!

The Helsinki Rockettes (FIN) were ranked second in the Short Program but held on to first place after the Free Skate with a total of 227.48 points. Their clean and powerful program to the "Wounded Angel" program literally delighted the spectators.

First after the Short, Marigold IceUnity also from Finland won the silver with 224.08 points. The team coached by Anu Oksanen skated a very moving program to "Notre Dame de Paris" with speed and creativity. The Finns also told Jura Synchro that they would visit Paris and the famous cathedral on Sunday before returning to Finland.

The famous Canadian team Les Suprêmes Seniors claimed the bronze with an explosive performance after their touching program to the theme of the "climate alert". Their two performances offered them a total of 219.39 points.

After four consecutive victories at French Cup (2016-2019), Team Paradise from Saint-Petersburg (RUS) couldn't take the pressure on Saturday night in Rouen. A skater has been unbalanced in a lift and fell, the veil of a skirt of one skater tore and ended on the ice. After this event, the team was more stressed, and thanks to the support of the public, the athletes kept their control to finish their program cleanly. Despite a very graceful performance to the Ravel's Bolero, Team Paradise therefore finished in 4th place with an overall score of 217.23 points.
The Haydenettes (USA) put out an energetic and very "rock" free program and were acclaimed by the spectators. Despite a fall, the American team obtained a total of 195.62 points. Miami University, also from the United States, arrived in 6th place with a score of 179.48 points.

The French Zoulous were one of the most cheered teams of the evening. Skating to a very catchy Parisian theme, the team had two falls but still obtained 150.54 points in total.

The United Angels (GER) made a good impression and obtained 115.77 points, finishing ahead of the Spanish Team Fusion (101.04 points).

Finally, the skaters of Icicles (GRB) moved up one spot thanks to a very dynamic program (69.83, total: 100.25). The Australians Nova totaled 62.41 points (total: 95.71)

Results - TOP 3

French Cup 2020
Rouen (FRA)
JAN 31, 2020 - FEB 02, 2020

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Finettes (FIN)81.44
2Starlights (FIN)71.98
3Ice Dreams (GBR)43.75

TEAM Score
1Junost (RUS)205.21
2Dream Edges (FIN)191.02
3Musketeers (FIN)186.55

TEAM Score
1Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)227.48
2Marigold IceUnity (FIN)224.08
3Les Suprêmes (CAN)219.39