Thrilling Competitions at Finnish First Qualifications


Team Fintastic interpreted their brand new Free Program ”Anesthesia”. (Credits: Kirsi Laine Photography- 2019)

There was no doubt of the winners in Seniors on Sunday, when Team Unique got 139.94 points from their free program and earned total scores 216.69. In the Junior category, Team Fintastic also kept the leading position and won the competition with 182.39 points. For the Novices division (second segment), Team Dynamique got the gold medal with 73.88.

Team Unique continued strongly
In their free program, Team Unique did not hesitate and skated their "Betrayed" theme with good confidence. The varied choreography started with an exceptional Group Lift and ended up with a well-executed Pair Element. The black and red dresses emphasized well the atmosphere. They got the best element and component scores and finally, Mirjami Penttinen's skaters won the competition with astonishing 12.43 points lead earning a total score of 216.69.

Marigold IceUnity sharpened their technique after the short program competition. They performed their faultless "Tribute to Notre Dame" free program with good concentration and the famous MIU quality. Their beautiful dresses described the stained-glass windows of the church with threatening flames in the hem. They earned the silver medal getting scores 204.26.

Marigold IceUnity and their "Notre Dame" new dresses. (Credits: S.J. Photos - 2019)

Helsinki Rockettes had bad luck when they fell twice. The first fall happened in the Intersection Element and the other in the No Hold Element. Despite that, the team skated skillfully and beautifully, and they got good component scores. The light grey-white dresses decorated with sharp silver pieces suited well to the dramatic and melancholy mood of the performance. They scored 204.19 and got third place.

Lumineers were the fourth and got a final score of 190.00 points. This team improves year after year and they are no longer far from the top teams. In their "Swipe Right" free program, they showed nicely their good ability to express deep emotions. Their technique was uniform and the simple grey-blue dresses underlined well the harmonious whole.

Helsinki Rockettes in their free program. (Credits: Kirsi Laine Photography - 2019)

Team Fintastic: "totally awake" in the Free Skate
In the Junior event, Team Fintastic kept their leading position and won the gold medal earning a total score of 182.39. Their free program "Anesthesia" described what a patient experiences through anesthesia, and the choreography is full of variety. They got very good element scores and the program was faultless. 

Dream Edges got the silver medal. Their program "Stonehenge" was expectedly fantastic and kept well on the interest. Unluckily they had a fall in the No Hold Element and it lowered their element score, so that finally they kept the second place with a total score of 176.86. 

After being away from the podium for several years, Team Mystique made a comeback. They moved up from fifth to third place and finished finally with the bronze medal. They got a total score of 165.98. Their "Tique Tock" program proceeded confidently as a clock and their element scores were the second-best of the Junior competition.

Team Dynamique finished first thanks to the streets of New York
The Novice category was divided into two segments, which skated on different days (learn about Saturday's competition).

On Sunday, the winner was Team Dynamique. They skated their free program "Dreaming in New York" with good speed and technique. Despite one fall, they earned 73.88!

The silver medalist was Valley Bay Synchronics. Their slightly uncommon music from Hitchcock movie "Rear Window" was a refreshing choice. They skated lively in black and white dresses and got 71.73 points.

The third place went to Blue Arrows. They wanted to "Save the Sea" and succeeded by earning 64.85 points. The atmosphere of the performance was very convincing.

Team Dynamique with their New York free program. (Credits: Kirsi Laine Photography - 2019)

The next qualification competition in Finland will be organized on December 7-8 in Lahti.

Results - TOP 3

Finnish first qualifications 2019
Helsinki (FIN)
NOV 02, 2019 - NOV 03, 2019

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Finettes (FIN)86.40
2Starlights (FIN)78.51
3Diamond Edges (FIN)70.23

TEAM Score
1Team Fintastic (FIN)182.39
2Dream Edges (FIN)176.86
3Team Mystique (FIN)165.98

TEAM Score
1Team Dynamique (FIN)73.88
2Valley Bay Synchronics (FIN)71.73
3Blue Arrows (FIN)64.85

TEAM Score
1Team Unique (FIN)216.69
2Marigold IceUnity (FIN)204.26
3Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)204.19