The Elite teams made a good impression at the Porter Classic. / Credits: Elite Teams

The classic Dr. Porter competition was anything but ordinary. Teams came with their game faces and a passion to make the podium. Teams made history by showing off their new programs for the season, and came with a fire that is not going to fade out anytime soon. Their flame is only growing and with this being many teams second competition of the season, it was a very impressive one.


After a year of losing their winning porter streak, Miami returned back to their first place spot on the podium this year after their sassy and GLAM skate earning them a much deserved 97.81. Adrian(79.82) danced their way into second with their Conga themed program, their program is the first collegiate team to use lifts, an exciting advancement for the collegiate division.

University of Michigan last year’s national champions separated from second by less than one point with their fun JLO program. Team Delaware received the pewter medal with their emotional Greatest Showman skate with many features. The collegiate division is becoming more competitive than ever before with the addition of many creative elements and challenging elements.


Skyliners(72.35)  dominating another division earned the gold. Their precision and skating skills really set Skyliners apart in every division, not to mention their interpretation and choreography. Teams Elite (67.48)  earned the silver medal, very similar to Skyliners Teams Elite is known for their upbeat choreography and skating skills. So, it is no surprise these two teams topped the podium. Starlights(61.91) earned the bronze with their cheerful program. And Dazzlers (56.16) skated their intensely into fourth.

Intermediate A

In the first group, (no skill difference), Skyliners again snatched the gold medal with a score of 60.54. Capital Ice Chips (52.94) followed behind in second. The Ice Chips, a strong contender this season, as a past consecutive medalist at nationals. The Ice Diamonds(52.33) placed Third and Mirror Images(50.74) from New York received the pewter medal. A very tight division, one mistake could change one’s entire placement.

Intermediate B

The second intermediate division was controlled by Teams Elite. They marched into first with a score of 70.62. Following them by 8 points was the Fond du Lac blades(62.59). Starlights skated strongly into third with a score of 61.14. Team Del Sol, a Pacific coast powerhouse, claimed the pewter medal with a 60.97. Second, third, and fourth were all separated by 1-2 points, so it’s still anyone’s game as the season progresses.


One of the coolest parts about the Juvenile division is that it shows the potential among the young skaters in the sport of synchro. As they are doing elements that were common in former intermediate and novice programs now. Teams Elite won the division with their upbeat and sharp Michael Jackson program. This team has a lot of potential this season. Their program is very clean and sharp even in the beginning months of the season. Second was claimed by Starlights with their spy themed program. This program is very entertaining to watch and is very well portrayed by the skaters. Third was taken by Team Del Sol and pewter was taken by Hockettes.


Masters proves that you are never too old to pursue your love for the sport. This division had a lot of good competition and was a very entertaining division to watch. DC Edge won the division with a 46.46. DC Edge is a frequent national medalist, so it is no surprise that they placed high at this competition. With their storytelling programs, it is entertaining and fun to watch what may become one of the younger athletes one day. Because let’s face it, most of the synchro skaters are never leaving synchro. Allegro placed second with a 42.21. This team is very well known for their master team. Always placing in the top at most competitions. Goldenettes received the bronze medal with a total score of 40.12. Denver Synchronicity earned the pewter with a score of 39.48, and Evolution earned a 25.88 placing them in fifth.

Open Collegiate

Similar to the Collegiate division, Open Collegiate is different only that it’s based on a 6.0 and some different elements. Adrian College won the division with almost a perfect score. Miami University followed in second, and Mirror Images took the bronze. Grand Valley State came in fourth and Western Michigan took fifth. Second and Third was a close call along with fourth and fifth, this should be a very exciting season for the open collegiate division as it is still anyone’s game for the Midwest and East coast Sectionals the teams final competition of the season which is held next month.


Allegro! won the division with a score of 55.37, followed by Team Delaware with a score of 54.84. Bronze was claimed by Crystallettes (54.73) and pewter was taken by DC Edge with a score of 53.20. Again, this division is always amazing to watch especially when some of these teams feature coaches of teams. This division also showcases elements that higher level teams are achieving.

We can’t wait to keep reporting and see the improvements being made!

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Results - TOP 3

Dr. Porter Classic 2018
Ann Arbor (USA)
NOV 30, 2018 - DEC 02, 2018

TEAM Score
1Skyliners (USA)212.36
2Miami University (USA)187.54
3Adrian College (USA)176.10

TEAM Score
1Skyliners (USA)193.26
2Starlights (USA)172.93
3Teams Elite (USA)159.07

TEAM Score
1Miami University (USA)97.52
2Adrian College Varsity (USA)79.80
3University of Michigan SST (USA)79.38

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Skyliners Blue (USA)72.35
2Teams Elite (USA)67.48
3Starlights (USA)61.91

TEAM Score
1Skyliners (USA)60.54
2Capital Ice Chips (USA)52.94
3Ice Diamonds (USA)52.33

TEAM Score
1Teams Elite (USA)70.62
2Fond du Lac Blades (USA)62.59
3Starlights (USA)61.14