Helsinki Rockettes on the stage... with roller skates


Last weekend, the Rockettes have exchanged their blades for wheels! / Credits: RCKT

During the summertime, some teams are imaginative. As the Helsinki Rockettes who participated last weekend in an important rap concert, in roller skates.

Doing lines, intersections, and circles... in front of 30 000 spectators. The Helsinki Rockettes appeared on the scene and on TV last weekend in the Finnish city of Lahti. The famous senior team participated in Cheek's concert. Jare Henrik Tiihonen is a big Finnish rapper.

A "special" event

"We have so much fun performing with him at this special concert," the team members wrote on their Facebook page. The event was important since the rapper has indeed recently announced wanting to take a break in his career.

Just weeks before the start of the new season, the Rockettes have already performed well in front of the Finnish public, while promoting synchronized skating.

Discover now the video!