Mixed Age Trophy 2017: more and more teams registered


Team Starlight Mixed Age from Switzerland will skate in Besançon next April. /Credits: Jura Synchro 

Organized at the end of April in Besançon (FR), the Mixed Age Trophy has found the right formula. The competition is reserved for Mixed Age teams from all over the world. Just over a month before the competition, already 15 teams are registered.

Interview with the Event Manager for the Synchronized Skating Commission at the FFSG, Stéphane Durieux.

What is the goal of this International Mixed Age Trophy?

Stéphane Durieux: In this competition, which is held alternately in France and Switzerland, we seek to bring together the best Mixed Age teams in the world.

Should teams be selected to participate or is this contest open to any Mixed Age team?

Stéphane Durieux: Yes, except if there is no organized selection in the country.

Remind us what is the last time to register a team?

Stéphane Durieux: The deadline was March 1, but we can still take latecomers.

Do you already have some team names to reveal?

Stéphane Durieux: Yes, France already has its representatives with Atlantis, Etincelles, Team Jeanne d'Arc and the Salamanders. Italy will also have four teams involved (Olimpia Team MO15, Frost Fairies, Ice Angels and Shining Blades MO15). Switzerland will send three or four teams with the Snowflakes, the Starlight Team and the already registered Onyx team. Rocking Robins and Phoenix Gold will represent Great Britain, Team Temptation will skate under the colors of Belgium and Munich Synergy will ensure the German presence.

Will there be any changes from the 2016 edition in Basel?

Stéphane Durieux: No, it's the same competition. We are now on schedule and are already looking forward to welcoming the teams to Besançon.

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Results - TOP 3

Mixed Age Trophy 2017
Rennes (FRA)
APR 29, 2017 - APR 30, 2017

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Munich Synergy (GER)64.54
2Frost Fairies (ITA)62.21
3Olimpia Team 1 (ITA)59.97