Last rehearsal for the Finnish teams at Helsinki Regionals


Rockettes did the best score on Sunday with their short program. /Credits : Kirsi Laine 

Exactly 60 teams took part in Helsinki regionals last Sunday. More than 1200 skaters from ten different categories skated in the Arena. The day was made from good spirit, cheers, and joy.

The most interesting competition was between the senior teams.

Rockettes (HTK) and their short program ”Mirror, Mirror” sparkled to the gold medal. They won the competition earning 68.81 points which were their seasons best. The other three teams in senior category didn´t succeed as well. There were some errors and falls in programs.

Marigold Ice Unity (HL) reached to the second place with 62.03 points, Team Unique (HSK) having three falls and 57.02 points were the third and Revolutions (EVT) with 47.79 points ended up to the fourth place.

This competition has no official importance in the fight towards to the Worlds but it was a good checkpoint before the Nationals at the end of February.

The three best skating clubs in Helsinki region were HL, HSK and HTK from the capital. They won most of the medals. The teams from the surrounding towns are developing fast and every year they are reaching the top.

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