In Canada, the competition promises to be fierce this season: interview with Nova Senior


Nova Senior will be going for gold this weekend at the Nationals. (Credits: Danielle Earl Photography - 2023)

The Canadian National Championships take place this weekend in Calgary! A few hours before the competition, Nova Senior shares its exciting start to the season. The Quebec team narrowly edged out the reigning world champions by less than a point in Kingston, Ontario, at the end of last year.

You started the season in Kingston (ON) by finishing 2nd in mid-December and less than a point behind Les Suprêmes Seniors. How does it feel to be so close behind the current world champions?

Nova Senior: Finishing in second place in Kingston, less than a point behind the Suprêmes Seniors, current world champions, is a source of great satisfaction for our team. This demonstrates that our hard work and commitment to excellence are paying off. Rigour is at the heart of our training approach, as we aspire to be among the best in the world. This close performance from the reigning champions confirms that we are on the right track and that the efforts we are deploying are bringing us closer to our ultimate goal. However, we remain focused on the challenges ahead, namely our upcoming participation in Nationals and international competitions.

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Your short program initially put you in the lead in the competition. Is this performance currently more accomplished?

Indeed, our short program was the first creation of the season, thus benefiting from more extensive preparation and in-depth practice. This lead in time allowed us to refine it further and present it with some confidence, resulting in a performance that propelled us to the top of the competition.

However, it is important to emphasize that both programs, short and long, were designed with specific objectives in terms of performance and points that we had set for ourselves. Although the short program may have benefited from extended preparation, this was our first opportunity to skate our long program competitively and we are extremely pleased with our performance and the results.

Nova Senior got off to an excellent start to the season. (Credits : Danielle Earl Photography - 2023)

You earned 215.76 points in your first competition of the season (216.06 for Les Suprêmes and 204.60 for Nexxice). Did you expect this result?

Overall, we are satisfied with both programs. We had clear goals in terms of scores and performances, and we worked diligently to achieve them. Although every competition has unpredictable elements, we were confident in our preparation. The results we achieved were in line with our expectations, and we are pleased with how our performance translated on the ice. Each of them has been an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to excellence and our ability to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

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Let's talk now about your programs this season. Can you present them to us?

Our short program this season, entitled “Call me” by Blondie, seeks to create a connection with the audience through its lively and energetic side. The strength of this program lies in its ability to captivate attention with dynamic music and choreography that reflects our energy on the ice. We look forward to sharing this experience and our passion for this program with the public.

As for the long program, we skate to “SOS d'un terrien en détresse” by Grégory Lemarchal, which translates as “SOS of an Earthling in Distress”. We wanted to create a softer and more emotional artistic experience with this program. The strength of this program lies in its ability to arouse deep emotions and inspire the audience. We are grateful to be able to share these programs with the public and perform them on the ice with authenticity and passion.

(Credits : Danielle Earl Photography - 2023)

What international competitions can we see you at this season?

We are excited to share that in the year 2024, you will be able to see us participating in international competitions in Poland and Finland. These announcements were made on our social media platforms, and we look forward to taking on these new challenges. These competitions will be crucial opportunities for us to represent our team and country while continuing to evolve internationally. We are determined to deliver memorable performances and contribute to the season's excitement.

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"Our main goal when we enter a competition is not simply limited to the color of the medal"
One of the big moments for you will be the Nationals. Do you have the ambition to win gold like in 2019?

Absolutely, our ambition to win gold at Nationals is still present. However, our main goal when we enter a competition is not simply limited to the color of the medal. We focus on achieving the best possible performance. We believe that if we perform exceptionally well, results will naturally follow. We can't wait to compete at Nationals!