Tight competition in all divisions in Helsinki


Dream Edges Junior returns to the top of the rankings this season. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2023)

This weekend it is time for the second qualification competition of ISU synchronized skating in Finland, Helsinki. On Saturday, the group 2 of Novice teams skated their free programs, Seniors and Juniors competed with their short programs. The competition in every division was extremely tight, only a few tenths separate the top teams from each other.

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This season, the results of Team Unique and Helsinki Rockettes have been really at the same level and so it was on Saturday too.

Both teams excelled in their programs. Helsinki Rockettes skated their theme “Liberation” with a good speed and power and without any hesitation. Decorative costumes emphasized the atmosphere of the program. However, Team Unique had a stronger performance. They had a good self-confidence in their versatile “Let It Be” program full of interesting details and they made no mistakes. Team Unique leads the competition with 75.30 points, Helsinki Rockettes is just behind them having a score of 75.12.

Team Unique in their short program. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2023)

This time Marigold IceUnity couldn´t show the full potential of their feminine and joyful short program “Some like It Hot”. A fall just before an Intersection dropped them to third place and they earned 67.57 points. Nevertheless, in their bright red dresses, they were a breath of fresh air and joy during the evening.

Lumineers again showed their consistent style and with their beautiful and emotional program “Invisible Child” they came in fourth place with 66.85 points, only less than one point behind Marigold IceUnity.

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The rankings of Junior teams in Finland has remained fairly established for years, but now especially Valley Bay Synchro has wedged itself into the top as a new strong team. They performed brilliantly in their futuristic program “Other Dimension” and got 69.59 points. It was enough for the second place because Dream Edges Junior which is making a strong comeback right to the top succeeded even better.  Their fast-paced short program “Daft Punk” showed a great attitude and power and with a total score of 69.85 took them to the first place.

In the Junior division, Valley Bay Synchro showed its full potential in Helsinki. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2023)

Team Fintastic was third. They are not very far behind the two top teams, and they earned 67.19 points skating stylish and emotional program “The Call” with no errors. The team´s skating style and interpretation is admirable, and the choreography went well with the music.

Of course, several other junior teams also competed brilliantly, presenting their short programs on Saturday.

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Novice - Group 2
On Saturday it was time for the group 2 of Novice teams.

The winner of the day was skillful and strong Valley Bay Synchronics. They claimed the gold medals earning a great score of 82.21. Starlights was second. Their beautiful program called ”Wish upon a shooting star” got 81.43 points. The bronze medalist was Diamond Edges. Their “Young Queen Elisabeth II” was an elegant performance and earned a total score of 76.65.

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