The season starts in Sweden with a new senior team


Fans were curious to see the debut of the new senior Team Inspire. (Credits: Figure Skating Pictures - 2021)

The Swedish Figure Skating Association invited all Swedish teams in Seniors, Juniors and Advanced Novice to present their programs in Kungsbacka, Sweden, on Friday and Saturday.

ADV picture
Synchro season kicked off in Sweden with a pre-season event.

On Friday, the new senior Team Inspire and the junior teams Seaside and Spirit had an hour of practice each where they could receive valuable feedback from a technical panel and judges. The evening ended with the three teams performing their short program in front of the audience, who loved it! 

Team Inspire's first season
"The kickoff weekend was so much fun! We were very happy to finally perform together and show what we have been working on on the ice and through zoom for the past two years. It feels very good that Sweden now has an active senior team, and after this weekend, we got very motivated to continue to work even harder! Also, it was a pleasure to watch the other teams performing their programs!" said Team Inspire, which has not yet revealed the themes of its new programs.

However, the skaters explained that their short program this year is "powerful with speed and high tempo" and their "free program is made for us to put on a show and entertain. It’s very energetic, and we have a lot of fun while skating the program".

Saturday started with the remaining teams having half an hour each with the technical panel and judges. Once all practices had been completed, all the teams participating skated their free program in front of judges, a technical panel and a fairly crowded arena.

No scores were given to the teams, but all performed well, and it was a great atmosphere in the arena. 

"It was fantastic to see all the people in the arena again"
Team Seaside: "This weekend was amazing! So fun to watch the other teams, hear the audience cheers and get nervosity again! We skated two good skates with a lot of confidence. We are really looking forward to competing again after this long break!"

The Junior team Seaside skates a short program called “You are my flashlight”, and its free program is “Storm”. (Credits: Figure Skating Pictures - 2021)

"We have long after this weekend for a very long time. We have trained a lot for this moment, and we were well prepared. It was fantastic to see all the people in the arena again, and the audience was fantastic. We are very proud of our performances, we skated both of our programs and are very happy with our achievements. It was a very fun experience, and we could not have done a better weekend," said Team Spirit competing in the Junior event.

Team Spirit, the 2020 Swedish Junior Champion, is now looking forward to its first national competition in Borås, Sweden on December 4-5. "We are prepared to work really hard to develop even more!"

Team Spirit Junior skates to "Rain Dance" for the free program and "Tango Amore" for the short program. (Credits: Figure Skating Pictures - 2021)

And if you're interested in watching Sweden's new senior team compete this winter, note that Team Inspire is planning to attend Lumière Cup in Eindhoven, Netherlands, Leon Lurje Trophy in Sweden, Budapest Cup and the Worlds 2022 in Hamilton, Canada.