Zuchwil hosts the first swiss competition of the season


Unted Blades Juniors /Credits : Jura Synchro 

Switzerland lived this Saturday his first competition in Zuchwil (canton of Solothurn). Twenty-two teams from the whole country present their work and their new programs for the first time. Junior ISU, Advanced Novice, Basic Novice, Mixed Age, Senior non ISU, and Adults were represented.

Junior category : only one team took part. The United Blades Juniors skated their two programs with speed and assurance. A good start for this team which will fight for the swiss title in a few days in Neuchâtel.

In the Mixed Age field, the Snowflakes are always unbeatable. The team from Huttwil won the competition with a total of 59,24 points. Team Onyx did a remarkable program on Gatsby music and took the second place (47,14 points). Ice Storms, Team Bernettes and Starlight Mixed Age follow.


By the Novice Advanced, two teams were in. Cool Dreams Novice presented a very clear program on a navy’s theme. The team from Burgdorf took the 1st place (37,07 points). Ice Cube placed 2nd with 22,57 points.


Novice Basic group gathered 7 teams with different ages and levels. The little Starlight Candies and Cool Dreams Juvenile touched the public because of their young age. Ice Spies from Widnau did the best and won the competition (28,14 points), but Starlight Novice’s skaters aren’t far with a total of 26,32 points.


In the Senior non ISU category, scores were quite close with ten points of difference. The winner is Starlight Seniors who earned 64,72 points for their free program. Cool Dreams Royal, 2nd, received 59,88 points.


The most attentive spectators maybe noticed the presence of Sarah Meier in the public. This old skater from Zürich was 2011 European’s Champion in ice skating discipline.

Results - TOP 3

EVBN SYS Cup 2016
Zuchwil (SUI)
JAN 09, 2016 - JAN 09, 2016

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Cool Dreams (SUI)37.07
2Ice Cube (SUI)22.57

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Snowflakes (SUI)59.24
2Onyx (SUI)47.14
3Ice Storms (SUI)38.60

TEAM Score
1Team United Blades (SUI)81.81

Senior B
TEAM Score
1Starlight (SUI)64.72
2Cool Dreams Royal (SUI)59.88
3Starlight Jewels (SUI)56.44