US National Championships kicked off in Plymouth


Skyliners are currently leading the Seniors after short programs. / Credits: Jura Synchro

Thursday and Friday kicked off one the most heated National Championships of the United States yet. Teams came in ready to fight and teams pushed it to their peak and the scores and skates were stunning and breathtaking. Limits were pushed and scores were pushed even higher.

Thursday, Novice and Junior short skated. These two divisions feed into each other with many Novice skaters moving up into the junior division following junior.

The Novice podium included the Dazzlers with the pewter medal. The Starlights with a bronze and Teams Elite with the Silver. Skyliners won for the third consecutive time with their Greatest Showman program and it truly was a great show to watch!

The Junior division is gigantic this year with a whopping 16 teams. Each of these teams came to prove themselves and many of the legacies that have followed. The Fond du Lac Blades held the fourth place spot, a spot that was claimed by them in 2015. They proved that spot to theirs again in the Free Skate and captured the pewter with an upbeat Great Gatsby themed program.

Bronze was claimed by Teams Elite. A new Junior team, this team has shown in the past and in other divisions that they are a force to be reckoned with and they are not going to back down any time soon. This team pushes the bar with their sharp and dark short of a Survivor program and with a dark elegant long of Romeo and Juliet. Both are very entertaining and proved that they deserved a podium finish this season. The Starlights and Junior World Team member 2 earned the silver. This team has constantly improved since the beginning of the Starlights Junior team. They earned a Team USA spot only two seasons ago and they continue to prove that they are a strong team. Their long has such a deep meaning behind it, and the crowd agrees that it was a beautiful skate in both short and long.

Skyliners won the division for the third consecutive year with their two fierce and sharp programs. This team has beautiful components and they impress everyone every year with their choreography and skills.

The Senior division also started yesterday with short. Only 6 teams are entered so it makes for a fast division with no ice makes in short.

Miami holds the fourth place spot with their beautiful Survivor program. Crystallettes hold third with a stunning blue dress. Second is held by the Haydenettes after a sharp short. And Skyliners hold first with their Wonderful World short. It is still anyone’s game with these teams as they’re all separated by under 10 points. As we saw at Nationals in 2015 it is and can be anyone’s game.

Senior long is Saturday night and everyone is very excited to see where these teams end up.

Results - TOP 3

U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships 2019
Plymouth (USA)
FEB 27, 2019 - MAR 02, 2019

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Skyliners Blue (USA)76.13
2Teams Elite (USA)74.01
3Starlights (USA)69.06

TEAM Score
1Haydenettes (USA)226.37
2Skyliners (USA)218.14
3Crystallettes (USA)201.63

TEAM Score
1Skyliners (USA)202.48
2Starlights (USA)191.95
3Teams Elite (USA)171.65