Competition season restarts in the UK with the Steel City Trophy


Team Icicles Senior have been selected to represent Great Britain at the ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships 2022 following the results of the Steel City Trophy in Sheffield.

The Steel City Trophy Synchronised Skating Competion took place in Sheffield on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th of March at IceSheffield with 13 categories and 46 teams competing from across the UK.

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Although Steel City Trophy is usually an ISU international competition, this year COVID-19 restrictions limited the event to an inter-club competition. However, with the Britannia Cup being postponed and the Trophy D’ecosse cancelled, this was a hugely anticipated event with most UK based clubs attending, eager to compete.

There was a general aura of excitement in and around the arena and a great turn out in the audience too, with standing room only in the Junior and Senior categories.

Icicles Senior were the only team to skate in this category and delivered a strong performance to Katy Perry, Rise. Their dresses were black with a splash of colour at the neck and back. Every step was very synchronised and the audience could feel the air whip past as they skated by. The skate was powerful and they had a particularly impressive slide feature. They scored 39.43 points although they had one fall in the intersection.
With a pop theme, skating to music such as Car Wash and Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough, Icicles Senior came out fighting in their free programme. The lift in the centre of their wheel was enjoyed by the audience and they skated a really well performed programme with high spirals, a really clean whip intersection and interesting choreography. They scored 81.22 points, earning a total score of 120.65 points.

There were two teams in the Junior category in a closely fought competition.

In the short programme, Icicles Junior from Nottingham skated in bright orange costumes to a high energy programme with great speed form the oft. They were very confident in every element so the audience could enjoy the performance and there were some different features within their programme, such as their change of place in their wheel and an axel to end which kept the audience entertained. They scored 43.40 points to lead in the short programme.

Skating to a Moulin Rouge theme, in red costumes with black tails, Icicles Junior delivered a confident skate in their free programme. Starting their programme with their synchronised spins, they had good speed across the ice with a particularly impressive moves element with good duck under spirals. There was a fall in their final intersection, however they scored 69.47 points, earning 112.87 points altogether, gaining them the gold medal in the Junior category.

Solway Stars from Dumfries delivered a Nexxice inspired short programme with light bouncy movements. There were hair flicks and sassy attitudes to match with strong spirals in the moves element and an impressive whip intersection. They scored 35.70 points to come second in the short programme.

Skating their free programme to the soundtrack of Beetlejuice in stripy dresses, Solway Stars started well with some interesting movements and shapes across the ice. However, they had four falls, including two within elements which really impacted their scores. They gained 66.60 points which gave them a combined score of 102.30, coming in second place.

Senior B
There were four teams in this category for the first time and the competition was very close. In first place was Whizz Kids from Altrincham who skated to Maniac from Flash Dance. They skated a fast programme with a highlight being their ‘zip’ transitions and included some higher-level elements, however they had a fall in the moves element. They scored 59.52 points.

In second place, skating a dreamy programme to Dreamgirls was Allstars form Slough. They had a crowd-pleasing creative lift and some lyrical movements, interpreting the music well and their dresses were cream and sparkly, flowing beautifully as they skated. They had one fall and they scored 53.99 points.

In third place, skating in this category for the first time, were Wight Jewels from the Isle of Wight. They had an upbeat, energetic programme wearing luminous pastel dresses. The audience enjoyed their creative element and they scored 52.98 points.

Junior B
There were two teams competing in this category and winning the gold medal was Unum from Sheffield. This was their first time skating in this category this season, having previously competed at Junior. With a dance party theme, skating to Cha Cha slide and Saturday Night, they wore purple sparkly dresses and skated a solid programme with a highlight of a lift. They scored 51.28 points.

Taking the silver medal were Wight Crystals from Isle of Wight. Skating to Me and My Girls in purple outfits, they had some interesting features in their routine, with the audience enjoying their stag leaps and their backflip. Unfortunately, they had a fall and they scored 47.31 points.

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Advanced Novice
There was only one team competing in this category, which was Ice Dreams from Nottingham. Skating to a theme of Aladdin, they had good speed and flow across the ice, with high extensions and they skated in time with each other well. They suffered a fall in the twizzle element and they also had a few crashes in the intersection however they gained a good score of 52.71 points.

Basic Novice
There were three teams in this category and the competition for first place was fierce. Gaining the gold medal, with a score of 33.07 points, was Twizzles from Altrincham. They skated to Aladdin, complete with genie inspired costumes. They delivered a great performance with plenty of attack and executed every element neatly and confidently.

Ice Stars from Nottingham gained the silver medal, skating to ‘I feel better when I’m Dancing’. They wore multicoloured pastel dresses and had a strong skating style with some difficult transitions. They had a confident skate and score 31.17 points

In third place was Novus from Sheffield. Decked in denim and checked cowgirl dresses, they skated a Hannah Montana montage with choreography which reflected scenes from the film. They had good ice coverage and speed from the start and scored 26.53 points.

Mixed Age
In this category, with four teams competing, Solway Eclipse from Dumfries shone, with their Parisian inspired programme with sparkling purple floaty dresses. The programme was fast and lyrical with an effortlessness which seemed to epitomise their theme and a strong characterisation. They scored 58.31 points and gained the gold medal.

With a completely contrasting programme, Ice Unite from Nottingham gained the silver medal with a high-speed programme complete with plenty of attitude. Their quick transitions were enjoyed by the audience, along with their death spiral in the centre of their wheel. They score 46.69 points.

Gaining the bronze medal, with a score of 36.00 points, was Deelites from Deeside. This was a confident performance with highlights in the programme including vaults and y-spirals at the end of their wheel, which interpreted their music well.

This was the largest category of the competition with eleven teams competing for a medal but, as always, one of the friendliest categories also! Taking the lead with 30.11 points was Ice Diamond from Nottingham. Skating to a pop music theme, they had silver skirts which swirled with the speed they skated across the ice. The audience enjoyed their sit spins and they had a confident performance.

In second place with 26.67 points was Orion from Lee Valley. With their London based theme, complete with dresses representing the tube lines of the London Underground, they had a confident skate with a theatrical performance. They interpreted their music well and ended with the face of Big Ben ticking the time.

In third place with a score of 25.90 points was Bladerunners from Altrincham. They had a Waitress inspired programme, complete with waitress costumes, and served up a great performance, winning them the ‘Most Entertaining Programme’ trophy.

With eight teams competing, Intermediate was a competitive category. Magic from Slough won the gold medal. Skating to Hairspray in purple outfits, they had a confident skate with great lines and good interpretation to music. They scored 35.17 points.

Winning the silver medal was Phoenix Gold from Lee Valley. Skating to Jailhouse Rock in beautiful pale blue costumes, they had great power across the ice with good ice coverage. Their wheel looked particularly strong and they scored 31.35 points.

Gaining the bronze medal was Shooting Stars from Gosport. Skating to Pump Up The Jam, they wore pink and black costumes with pink gloves and had a Jazz/Charleston theme. They had good interpretation to the music and scored 30.76 points.

Winning gold in the Juvenile category were Wright Sequins from the Isle of Wight. Skating to 'In the Navy' and 'YMCA', they were dressed in navy blue sailor dresses and maintained their characterisation throughout. They had good attack and speed and worked well as a team, scoring 27.94 points.

In second place with a score of 16.57 were Ignis from Sheffield. They skated to a selection of songs from Moana and had gold and white sparkly dresses. They were in time with the music and had good musicality throughout with inflections in the choreography to match the theme.

The competition started with the Prejuvenile category. Presto from Sheffield entertained the crowd and got them clapping along with their Madagascar programme. Dressed in zebra costumes, they delivered a fun and energetic programme. They were the only team to skate in their category and they scored 16.26 points.

The beginner category was a close affair with the top three teams within two points of each other and six teams altogether. In first place was Solway Comets from Dumfries. Wearing green sparkly dresses with ombre green skirts, they skated to the jungle book, starting with the skaters waking up to the music with yawns. They had speed in the block with very neat lines and interacted well to the music. They had a secure performance in time with the music and each other and it was enjoyable to watch. They scored 22.45 points.

In second place was Ice Pops from Nottingham. Skating to Moana, this team had very sharp arm movements and skated with speed across the ice. Their transitions were seamless and they skated with confidence, scoring 20.34 points.

In third place, scoring 19.94 points, was Northern Starlets from Hull. They wore navy and white sailor dresses, complete with tutus and skated to Blue Peter and Drunken Sailor. The choreography reflected the 19th century with some jumps and choreography which reflected the music. The transitions added to the theme of the programme.

The last category of the competition was the Inclusive category with one team competing. Team Spice from Slough has won every competition they have skated in and has gradually been improving their scores. They skated to the Greatest Showman, gaining level 2s on their artistic wheel and block. Their wheel was clean and their line was straight with some high spirals performed as features. There was not a dry eye in the stadium when they ended their routine by signing out the lyrics.

Team Spice marked the end of a great competition with skaters and coaches alike enjoying the opportunity to compete. After braving all the restrictions, the organizing committee succeeded in making the event incredible for all teams. Detailed results are available here from the competition.

Thanks to Abs, Hermione and Evie for their help in writing this article and their detailed notes of each team!

Results - TOP 3

Steel City Trophy 2022
Sheffield (GBR)
MAR 04, 2022 - MAR 07, 2022

TEAM Score
1Team Icicles (GBR)120.65

TEAM Score
1Team Icicles (GBR)112.87
2Solway Stars (GBR)102.30

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Solway Eclipse (GBR)58.31
2Ice Unite (GBR)46.69
3Deelites (GBR)36.00

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Ice Dreams (GBR)52.71

Senior B
TEAM Score