Canada and Finland Dominate Early At 2023 Synchro Worlds


Les Supremes in their intense program to “Le Di a la Cazae Alcance”. (Credits: Paul Carrolo - 2023)

Twenty-three teams from numerous country make their way to Lake Placid, New York to Skate at Synchro Worlds. This year, the scores ranged by over sixty points, making the competition fun to watch as a viewer!

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At this point, can we call Synchro Worlds a holiday?! The best time of the year is back, and it did not disappoint. Bringing the best teams from all over the globe, Synchro Worlds was defiantly the place to be on this Friday night. 

Group One
Team Golden Roses was the first team to kick off the competition. The second-year Turkish team skated to a medley of Shahmaran with sage dresses. Team Golden Roses is also the only team competing for Turkey this year. Although they had two falls and 4.50 points worth of deductions, Team Golden Roses earned 18.56 points. 

Team Ice United followed, with a stunning program to the song Fix You by Coldplay. As the lone Netherlands team, they stated their hearts out with stunning burgundy dresses. The crowd was really into it and the emotion that they brought! They earned a total of 45.28 points. 

Representing Great Britain, Team Icicles Senior brought the sass to the Short Program with some Beyoncé! With yellow and black dresses and black tights, the team looked slick coming onto the ice. The program did receive an Ince pattern deduction which put them at 39.90 points. 

As the lone Latvian team, Team Amber was next to compete. Their music, titled Clubbed to Death, was similar to something heard from The Addams Family. After their skate, the team was dancing in the Kiss and Cry and they seemed so excited to be completing in Lake Placid! After the skate, they earned 32.64 points, putting them in 22nd overall. 

Japan's Team Jingu Ice Messengers had some of the best facial expressions in the event and truly told a story in a short amount of time. Their twizzles throughout the program were all strong, staying synchronized and in-line each time. After their skate, Team Japan fans seemed so proud with the biggest smiles on their faces! Despite having a one-point deduction, they ended up with 53.02 points

Helsinki Rockettes (FIN) after their Short program. (Credits: Paul Carrolo - 2023)

Group Two
Team Fusion was in Lake Placid this week to represent Team Spain at the Synchro Worlds. Their costumes consisted of cooler colors and their music was a piano version the Stars Wars song. After a clean skate, Team Fusion was excited to earn a season high score of 45.46 points. 

Australia's Team Unity was next, coming on the ice in deep burgundy costumes. The team also featured five males, including  four that skated! Although there were two falls, they tipped over the 45-point mark at 45.21.

Team Unity from Australia. (Paul Carrolo - 2023)

Team Olympia was next, representing Team Czech Republic. Their program was fun and exciting, featuring songs such as Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson. With creative choreography, this was definitely a crowd favorite! They also featured half-blue half-white dresses and a fun zig-zag part in their hair. With all of the fun element added up, they earned 52.18 points. 

Team Italy’s Team Hot Shivers followed, who took a much different approach to the short program than the previous team. Their white and gold dresses were very angelic, which complimented their Hallelujah skate beautifully. Their clean skate ended up being worth 58.93 points. 

Team Inspire of Team Sweeden brought pizazz to the short programs with their Black Betty themed program. With the black dresses, long black gloves, and very sparkly dresses, the team looked strong coming onto the ice. Even though there were many highlights throughout the program, they did have a few hiccups (including a fall and disconnection in the moves element) but ended up with 56.30 points. 

Team Zagreb Snowflakes brought tempo to the competition with their face-paced music and quick steps. The Croatian team started out their program strong, including death spirals immediately. However, there was an illegal element and ice pattern issues, so they lost a whopping 5.50 points. In total, they got a 34.78 in the short program

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Group Three
Following the second ice cut, it was time for Team USA! The Haydenettes quickly brought the crowd to life in their home country. Their program to the Good Times Roll was fun and captivating, and their solid skating skills complimented it nicely. However, in their whip intersection, two skaters collided, causing a two-point deduction to their final score. Nonetheless, the ended up with a 64.77.

Team Poland followed, with Team Ice Fire Senior. The Polish team continued the excitement, with spunky black dresses and straighten ponytails. Their music was a mix between songs such as Bad Romance, Toxic, and Sweet Dreams. With features such as catch foot twizzles, their program dazzled both the audience and the judges. They ended up with 54.13 point, their season's best.

Miami University Senior brought the crowd to the feet after their skate with a clean short program. The Ohio-based team showed confidence throughout their Dream On program and it paid off! With a score of 70.07, Miami University Senior earned their season’s highest score and lots of excitement from both in the Kiss and Cry and in the crowd. 

Team Starlight Elite from Switzerland had one of the most creative program of the night, with a theme that seemed like a breath of fresh air. Their dresses had autumn tones to them, while their music was on the mellower side. Their program was full of creative aspects, including an artistic wheel that was beautifully executed. After a clean skate, they earned a score of 51.95.

Team Unique was next, representing Team Finland. Their program, done to the song I See Red was fierce combined with the bright-red dresses. Their skate was strong, with no major errors throughout the program. They also earned over 10 points on their intersection alone. It was clear that after their skate, the team was proud with the biggest smiles on their faces! Their smiles enlarged after they heard their score, which was a season best of 76.13.

From Germany, Team United Angels was next, who brought the tempo down with their Bust Your Windows medley. The dark lipstick and burgundy dresses complimented the music nicely and created a mood in Lake Placid! Despite having a captivating program, there were some errors, including a fall, that cost them a few points. However, they currently sit in 11th with 54.64 points

Team Unique from Finland is currently ranked third. (Credits: Paul Carrolo - 2023)

Group Four
For the start of the fourth group, Les Supremes of Team Canada arrived, who notched up the already-tough competition quickly. With tight element and strong skating skills, they found themselves quite the standing ovation from Team Canada fans, and a season-best score of 79 points. 

Team Passion followed, coming from Hungary. With sparkly black dresses and long Dutch braids, the team looked stunning. Their music, which included Jailhouse Rock by Elvis, was a fun program to watch, and they lived up to the passion in their name! After their skate, it was clear that every skater was enjoying their time competing at Worlds! Their fun skate earned them a top-10 spot 61.41 points.

Team Canada’s second team, Nexxice, took the ice with golden dresses and hairpieces, which was dazzling from the crowd. Their I Have Nothing program by Whitney Houston looked effortless, as every skater made the technically-difficult program look easy. Their twizzles element earned +2.49 GOE and their edge quality was excellent. However, they did face a one-point deduction, putting them at 72.17 points. 

Team Berlin 1 from Germany told a story in their short program that was fascinating to watch. With grey dresses and gorgeous makeup, it was difficult to not watch! After their skate, the team gave each other the cutest hug that was so sweet to see. Despite a fall, the Germany-based team still earned 58.99 points.  

After all the serious programs, it was time for some funk! Team Zoulous from France did exactly that, with their James Brown theme. With red outfits and straightened slick ponytails, they set a fun mood in Lake Placid that had the crowd dancing! After their clean skate, they earned a season-best score of 52.08 points. 

Just like their theme, Team Finland’s Helsinki Rockettes was a breath of fresh air. With flowy white and indigo dresses with thin fishnet tights, their “breathing” program exceeded expectations. The choreography complimented the advanced skating skills of the skaters, while the skaters executed it beautifully. It was clear after that the team was proud of their skate and ended with a season-best of 78.61 points.

The fun continues Saturday in Lake Placid for the Free Skates! The event begins at 3:30 PM EST. More info here!

Results - TOP 3

ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships 2023
Lake Placid (USA)
MAR 31, 2023 - APR 01, 2023

TEAM Score
1Les Suprêmes (CAN)240.98
2Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)239.56
3Team Unique (FIN)237.68