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Discover a few teams:

Matrix | Intermediate (USA)

The primary goals of Matrix are to build team camaraderie, good sportsmanship,moral values and to achieve excellence at the local, national and international levels of synchronized skating. They represent the Glacier Falls FSC.

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Starlight Jewels | Senior B (SUI)

A team located near Zürich, Switzerland.

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Reflections | Junior (FIN)

Reflections is a junior team from Espoo, the second largest city in Finland.

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Team Saphire | Senior (SUI)

Team Saphire is a team who skates in Senior B. These skaters are training in Basel, Switzerland.

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Team Ice Spirit | Mixed Age (BEL)

A team from Herentals, a city located in the province of Antwerp in Belgium.

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Miami University | Collegiate (USA)

Since 1995, Miami is home to the premier Varsity Synchronized Skating program comprised of three teams (Senior, Junior and Collegiate), which compete at the National, International and World Championship levels. The coaches are Carla DeGirolamo, Lee Ann Shoker and Katie Bowling.

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Frost Work | Mixed Age (HUN)

A team that has represented Hungary at several international competitions.

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Daisies | Junior (CZE)

This team represented the Czech Republic at the ISU Junior World Challenge Cup in 2008 in Rouen.

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