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The only competition where teams can warm up in the gardens and enjoy an open summer bar!


The Adult Team Illusion won the bronze medal last year. (Credits: Ice Crystal Trophy)

The Ice Crystal Trophy, to be held in Ghent, Belgium, on April 20, 2024, promises an exceptional edition. For its third edition, this interclub competition has registered a record number of entries, with 38 teams from nine nations all skating on the same day. But the charm of this event is undoubtedly its conviviality and its extraordinary advantages.

The Ice Crystal Trophy will take place in the historic city of Ghent, Belgium, and it's not just any synchro skating competition. Now in its 3rd year on April 20, 2024, the event is well known for its vibrant atmosphere. New this season, a Swiss team will be competing in the Masters category. 

"We try to give our participating teams all the comfort they need during the competition," explained Kathy Van den Hende. Renowned for its warm welcome and lively atmosphere, the competition sees teams returning year after year, and in ever-increasing numbers. Indeed, the possibility of outdoor warm-ups and a specially opened summer bar in the rink's gardens, weather conditions permitting, add a nice dose of conviviality to the competition.
A record number of teams
On arrival in Ghent, participating teams and their supporters have the opportunity to explore the city's attractions. This blend of competitive spirit and cultural immersion sets the Ice Crystal Trophy apart from other events, offering a rather holistic experience that extends beyond the ice rink.

For Kathy Van den Hende, the competition must remain a non-ISU interclub event, offering teams from all over the world a platform to compete. This year, 38 teams from nine nations will be competing.

This season's record participation also presents logistical challenges, prompting the organizers to consider extending the competition over two days to accommodate the growing interest and ensure a comfortable experience for all. Kathy reports that negotiations are underway for future seasons.

Team Crystallice from Belgium took part in the 2023 edition. (Credits: Ice Crystal Trophy)

To cope with the large number of registrations, the forms for the 4th Ice Crystal Trophy in 2025 have already been adapted to meet the massive interest, with a "first come, first served" policy to manage the influx of participants better. This change underlines the popularity of the competition.

In the future, Kathy Van den Hende would obviously like to see the Ice Crystal Trophy grow even further, with potential improvements designed to enhance its status and appeal. Although the idea of a two-day competition is on the table, the balance between maintaining a dynamic, friendly atmosphere and the arrival of new teams must absolutely be considered.

Team Ice Angels, from the Netherlands, competed in the Mixed Age division. (Credits: Ice Crystal Trophy)

As the Ice Crystal Trophy 2024 gets underway in just a few days' the excitement is building among the non-ISU teams taking part. Renowned for its commitment to inclusivity, participant comfort and a rich competitive experience, the event once again promises its share of emotions and beautiful moments of synchro.

For Kathy Van den Hende, a member of the organizing committee, it's an opportunity not only to showcase the beauty and athleticism of the sport, but also to create a strong sense of community and international friendship among its participants. Coming soon!

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