Team Hot Shivers regain their title as Italian Champions


Team Hot Shivers Senior (Credits: Giuseppe Bodrone / jundl PHOTOGRAPHY - 2021)

At the Italian National Championships held this weekend, the Hot Shivers teams took the lead in both the junior and senior categories.

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Postponed by two weeks, the Italian National Championships finally took place the first weekend of March.

The competition was held in Aosta and was open to Senior and Junior categories, while the National Championships for Novice divisions will take place at the end of the month.

Team Ice on Fire Senior (Credits: Giuseppe Bodrone / jundl PHOTOGRAPHY - 2021)

Short Programs
The competition started on Saturday with the short program event.

In the Junior division, Team Hot Shivers took the lead. They skated in an elegant black dress and showed their charisma with a Vogue-themed program titled “Strike a pose”. They earned 45.23 points.

In second place, Team Ladybirds got a score of 29.25 points. They skated a graceful program on the song “Listen” by Beyoncé.

Not far behind, Team Shining Blades ranked third with 28.66 points. They showed a strong performance on the series “Money Heist” soundtrack.

Team Shining Blades Junior (Credits: Giuseppe Bodrone / jundl PHOTOGRAPHY - 2021)

As always, the competition in the Senior division was very tight.

After the short program, Team Ice on Fire took the lead with 60.49 points. They performed a graceful and sweet program to the song “It’s all coming back to me now” by Céline Dion. 

With just one point difference, Team Hot Shivers showed their strength and energy with a powerful Tango and ranked second with 59.42 points.

Team Hot Shivers Junior (Credits: Giuseppe Bodrone / jundl PHOTOGRAPHY - 2021)

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Free Programs
Sunday was the day of the free programs.

Team Hot Shivers Junior won the gold medal with 97.85 points and a total score of 143.08. They performed a beautiful and engaging Moulin Rouge-themed program wearing elegant red dresses and black gloves.

“We are really satisfied with our performance; for this competition, we managed to improve some elements and earn our best season score!” they said.

Team Ladybirds ranked second, earning 61.45 points and 90.70 overall. The skated on “I won’t dance” by Erin Bohemia.

In third place, Team Shining Blades performed a magical program on the movie “Aladdin” soundtrack and earned 52.43 points and a total score of 81.09.

Team Hot Shivers Senior (Credits: Giuseppe Bodrone / jundl PHOTOGRAPHY - 2021)

After the short program competition in the Senior division, the tension was super high.

Team Ice on Fire did an energetic and captivating performance to the movie "The Mission" soundtrack. They earned 114.90 points and overall 175.39 but didn't manage to win first place.

Indeed, Team Hot Shivers won the competition and the national title with a score of 116.72 and a total score of 176.14. They skated on the movie "Yentl" soundtrack and showed a very precise and elegant performance.

"We are so happy about today's competition; it was so emotional and intense! Despite some complications during the preparation for Nationals, we managed to do a great performance. Now we'll work hard for World Champions in Canada," the team explained.

Non-ISU teams also competed, find out the recap very soon on Jura Synchro! 

Results - TOP 3

Italian National Championships (Junior & Senior) 2022
Torino (ITA)
FEB 11, 2022 - FEB 13, 2022

TEAM Score
1Hot Shivers Junior (ITA)143.08
2Ladybirds (ITA)90.70
3Shining Blades (ITA)81.09

TEAM Score
1Hot Shivers Senior (ITA)176.14
2Ice on Fire (ITA)175.39