Canadian teams are leading the second Marie Lundmark Trophy in cold and sunny Helsinki


Les Suprêmes Junior in their short program "Hide and Seek". (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2024)

The Challenger series culminates this weekend, February 10-11, for the second Marie Lundmark Trophy in history. The reigning World Champion, Canada's Les Suprêmes, is leading the Senior competition after the short program. Also, in the Junior series, Canadians are in the lead when Les Suprêmes Junior succeeded perfectly in their performance. In addition to the reigning World Cup medalists, tough United States and Canada contenders are seen on the ice.

ADV picture
Once again, Les Suprêmes presented a strong program on Saturday and reached 77.93 points. The team's performance was cohesive, with elements following each other seamlessly. The Finnish Helsinki Rockettes finished in second place with 77.37 points. Their program was self-confident and flawless, and they were in a good position, not far behind the leader. US Skyliners, with their stylish short program, sit in 3rd place, scoring 69.62 points. Team Unique, which suffered a sudden change in team composition, had bad luck, and due to two falls, they ended up in fourth place, gathering a total score of 69.52.

Les Suprêmes Senior in their short program "Love Is Blindness". (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2024)

The Marie Lundmark Trophy is a very exciting mark for Finnish juniors. The team that has the best success in the competition automatically gets a representative place at the World Junior Championships in March in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The second representative place is determined after the Marie Lundmark Trophy based on the season's best point averages or on mutual positions in previous competitions.

Team Fintastic presented their short program "The Call". (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2024)

The clear winner of the Junior short program competition was Les Suprêmes Junior. Their feminine and strong program brought them 74.95 points.

The competition between the three top Finnish teams is extremely tight. Team Fintastic is currently in second place with 72.93 points, and Valley Bay Synchro stands right after them, scoring 72.33. Also, Dream Edges Junior has a firm hold on the representative place after claiming 4th place with a total score of 71.52. All three teams are prepared to do their best to win the competition on Sunday.

Advanced Novice
A competition for Advanced Novice skaters was organized alongside the Challenger Series competition. Six excellent teams from Finland attended. The winner was Valley Bay Synchronics. They claimed the gold medals with a total score of 83.95 points. Team Finettes ranked second with 80.60 points, and Blue Arrows finished in third place, scoring 77.98. This competition was a good exercise for the Finnish Championships to be held in Turku in two weeks.