"We want to be proud of our hard work"


(Credits: Fond du Lac Blades - 2023)

In a few days, the beginning of February will also mark the French Cup's start. Dozens of teams are travelling to Rouen, France, this week to participate in this international competition. The Junior Fond du Lac Blades team will represent the United States.

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Coached by Jennifer McMahon (assistants Heather Pagerl and Stephanie Vogds), Fond du Lac Blades Juniors from Wisconsin (USA) trains about 6-8 hours a week and has 20 skaters this year. 

"We are honored to have been given the opportunity to represent the United States of America. We have worked so hard to prepare our programs and are excited to show them to a new audience," said the team a few days before the French Cup.

What is your goal for this international competition?

– "We would love to podium, but most importantly, we want to bring our best performances and be proud of our hard work. We want to get off of the ice and know that what we put out is our best work and something to be incredibly proud of."

(Credits: Fond du Lac Blades - 2023)

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After France, Fond du Lac Blades Junior will come back ready to work and improve their programs for Nationals, which will be taking place in the beginning of March. 

"We only want to continue improving our score and become the best version of our team that we can be regardless of placement."

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Results - TOP 3

French Cup 2023
Rouen (FRA)
FEB 03, 2023 - FEB 04, 2023

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Starlights (FIN)94.24
2Ice Fantasy (FIN)80.80
3CrystalBlades (FIN)79.78

Elite 12
TEAM Score
1Lumineers (FIN)190.32
2Hayden Select (USA)187.16
3Crystallettes (USA)183.76

TEAM Score
1Nova (CAN)181.25
2Fond du Lac Blades (USA)173.62
3Ice Steps (FIN)169.48

TEAM Score
1Teams Elite (USA)201.18
2Nova (CAN)199.27
3Zoulous (FRA)170.81