Two countries win all the Junior and Senior medals


Helsinki Rockettes impressed spectators both days with great skating skills in Neuchâtel. (Credits: Roy Ng - 2023)

The first stage of the Challenger Series, the Neuchâtel Trophy, took place this weekend in Switzerland. Discover, program by program, what happened on Sunday.

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Junior event
The Neuchâtel Trophy 2023 opened on Sunday with Team Emerald from Basel, Switzerland. This young team, which is only in its second season of competition, presented a clean program, earning 56.78 points for its performance.

Les Flammes Juniors from Wasquehal (France) then skated a dark program with a beautiful interpretation and choreography. They scored 55.29 points for the free program, and 91.33 overall. 

Also representing France, Black Diam's - the Junior French champions this season - started their free program with the title "Ma Liberté" by Cassandre. Their intense and very "Frenchy" program, skated without any major mistakes, brought them a score of 61.06 (total: 96.93). 

Despite some problems at two intersections and a deduction point for a fall, the Skating Graces skated their free program with heart in dark blue dresses. They collected a total of 57.82 points for their performance (98.06 for both programs). 

The funereal but nevertheless joyful dance of the Swiss Starlight Juniors brought a nice atmosphere to the rink. The team from Zurich delighted the audience. FP: 82.72 / Total: 126.48

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Cool Dreams from Switzerland was the first team to skate in the 2nd group. The team from Burgdorf had a fall at the end of the program in the wheel, but this did not spoil the nice performance. The team collected 87.71 points and 138.13.

Team Image (USA) went full speed ahead with confidence in their inspiring free program. The New York team transmitted incredible energy, collecting 98.01 points (total: 153.12)

Teams Elite Junior (USA) allowed the entire audience to sing along with a free program to songs by the Black Eyed Peas. After a great start on "Let's Get Started", the spins were particularly appreciated. Their "show" on ice was rewarded with 125.62 points, for a total of 191.88. 

"Human - The world within" is the theme chosen this year by Team Fintastic for their free program. The Junior World Champions 2022 delighted the audience with a clean skate full of emotions. Their total? 126.04 points for the free skate and 193.57 overall.  

In the lead after the short program, Dream Edges Junior had two falls and some hesitation in their free skate on Sunday afternoon. The "Well Oiled Machine" program was nevertheless skated with speed and power, bringing the team a total of 118.32 points (total: 188.77). 

Ranked 2nd on Saturday night, Team Fintastic (FIN) finally won this first stage of the Junior Challenger Series. Teams Elite, representing the USA, finished 2nd less than two points behind the leader. Dream Edges has finally been dropped to 3rd place in the standings. 

Senior event
Les Zoulous, who is back in 2023 after finishing 2nd at the French championships, presented on Sunday their free skate program committed to and denouncing our current lifestyles. The team from Lyon scored 112.69, for a total of 156.15.

It was then the turn of the Skating Graces (GER) to skate their free program. Unfortunately, the team from Chemnitz had to deal with several falls, which had a negative impact on the last elements of the program. FS: 79.63 / Total: 123.39

With their original hairstyles, Team Jeanne d'Arc Senior presented their free program on the theme of Egypt. The Rouen team skated without major mistakes, obtaining a total of 104.37 points (151.58 for both performances).

Were you able to guess the theme of the Starlight Elite of Switzerland? In colorful dresses, the only Swiss team in the ISU Seniors presented their program created around the theme of the Parrot. The fans danced their hearts out and scored 105.91 points for 157.41. 

United Angels from Germany expressed on the ice of Neuchâtel a moving program. Called "Welcome To The Black Parade", the performance was about what happens after death. The team added 123.21 points to their score, totalling 181.06 points. 

In the 2nd group, Team Ice on Fire (ITA) really brought a touch of freshness on Sunday with elegant dresses of different colors. The whole thing created a nice harmony on ice. Thanks to their free program, the team from Trento was able to gain 128.33 additional points, for a total of 188.69. 

In shiny black costumes, Skyliners (USA) skated to a medley from the musical Six. Two falls just before the box intersection did not take any magic away from this performance. Josh Babb's team totalled 132.27 points, 201.99 overall. 

Their compatriot Teams Elite made a statement in flashy pink dresses. In original versions of "Toxic" or "Circus", the team was able to both entertain and dazzle. FS: 125.07 / Total: 196.11

Second to last team to skate, Marigold IceUnity (FIN) presented their new free program "The Elements". A delicate journey through earth, water, fire and air that suited the team well. The athletes coached by Anu Oksanen finished with a score of 218.27 (146.09 for the free program).

The Neuchâtel Trophy ended with the powerful "Requiem" of the Helsinki Rockettes. The Finnish team completely wowed the panel and the spectators by offering a clean performance and by exploding the score: 156.54 for the free program and 234.06 in total.

Leading throughout the competition, Helsinki Rockettes and Marigold IceUnity won the first leg of the Challenger Series. The gold medal remained in the hands of the USA, but was awarded to the Skyliners who were 4th after the short program. Teams Elite ended the weekend with the 4th place. 

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Results - TOP 3

Neuchâtel Trophy 2023
Neuchâtel (SUI)
JAN 13, 2023 - JAN 15, 2023

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Cool Dreams (SUI)63.71
2Starlight (SUI)49.34
3Team Ruby (SUI)46.22

TEAM Score
1Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)234.06
2Marigold IceUnity (FIN)218.27
3Skyliners (USA)201.99

TEAM Score
1Team Fintastic (FIN)193.57
2Teams Elite (USA)191.88
3Dream Edges (FIN)188.77