Season excitement builds as more details revealed about the new programs' themes


Team Fintastic in their new short program’s dresses. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2021)

All over the world, synchro fans scan the teams' social networks to find out the themes of their favourite teams' new programs. But apart from Finland, few teams have revealed their themes yet. Here's a roundup.

Finland is traditionally one of the countries that reveal new themes the earliest. The senior teams even had the opportunity to compete with their new short program at the Finlandia Trophy two weeks ago. 

Helsinki Rockettes: Femme Fatale (SP)
Team Unique: Merci (SP)
Marigold IceUnity: Nordic Spirit (SP)
Lumineers: Dance Macabre (SP)
Dream Edges: Prodigy (SP) | Romance (FP)

There are still many mysteries about the free programs. Only Dream Edges has revealed that it will skate "Romance", a love story between two women.

On the junior ISU team side, several themes have already been revealed and here is a recap: 

Valley Bay Synchro: The Giving tree (SP)
FireBlades: Running with the Wolves (SP) | Queen Siwa (FP)
Team Fintastic: Force of her nature (SP)
Sun City Swing: Deception (SP) | Breath (FP)
Ice Steps: Sleep On It (SP) 
Stella Polaris: "Con artist" (FP)
Ice Infinity: Game of Survival (SP)
Team Estreija: Written in the Stars (SP)
Reflections: You are enough (FP) 

Fans are still waiting impatiently for the themes of teams like Dream Edges, Musketeers or Team Mystique who seem to have not yet let see anything on their Instagram account.

However, Finland is still an exception. Apart from Team Paradise from Russia, which has already participated in a competition this season, our radars have been able to detect some news from the French teams: 

Zoulous (FRA): "Feel The Sound of Africa" (SP) "| Can You Hear Me?" (FP)
Team Paradise (RUS): Bamboleo (SP)

But nothing from the rest of Europe, Canadian teams, or the United States.

Stay tuned!